Mighty Mite football players taken out by banner, are real-life ‘Little Giants’ (Video)

The Wallkill (NY) Mighty Mites were beyond fired up for their first home game of the season this week. Unfortunately for the little guys, their parents don’t know how to hold a damn banner.

The Walkill Mites tried to run through a banner and shred it, but they wound up getting clotheslined instead. The end result was a massive pile of 50-pound players flopping all over each other and trying to figure out which way was up.


Simply put, they turned into the real-life “Little Giants.” If you don’t get that reference, you need to reevaluate your childhood. I definitely blame the parents here. You have to hold the banner tighter than that. Basic physics.

Video via Deadspin

Rob Bironas 911 call – woman says Bironas was ‘dangerous’ and ‘crazy’

Rob Bironas

Former longtime Tennessee Titans kicker Rob Bironas died on Saturday night after flipping his car in a single-car crash in Nashville, and a phone call to 911 indicates the kicker exhibited wild and crazy behavior on the road before the crash.

The Tennessean posted audio of a call from a woman reporting the crash. The woman says she did not witness the accident, but she was reporting seeing a car off the road. Then she passed the phone to another woman who was clearly shaken. The second woman gave an emotional account of her interaction with Bironas on the road, calling Bironas “dangerous” and “crazy.”

“He tried to run my sisters off the road. We pulled over and he looked at us. We don’t even know him,” she said with a quivering voice. “And he sped off. My husband got out and said, ‘what is your problem?’

“We let him go on past us because he was trying to run us off the road. We let him speed on past us. This guy is dangerous,” she says with an emotional, trembling voice.

“He came beside us and gave us this crazy look and just sped off past us and followed us down the road. .. But he’s dangerous the police need to know there’s something wrong with him. He’s dangerous … he’s drunk or something. He tried to start a fight with us!”

The Tennessean reported on Monday that Bironas’ wife, Rachel Bradshaw, who is the oldest daughter of Terry Bradshaw, called police to report her husband missing about 30 minutes before the crash.

Bradshaw told police she, a female friend and Rob were watching a movie at their home Saturday evening. Bironas told Rachel goodnight and she assumed he was going to bed. She went to go look for him and couldn’t find him, so she tried reaching him through his phone multiple times. He did not pick up. She called family and nobody had heard from him, so she called police because she was concerned. Bradshaw told police Bironas was not drunk and that no argument took place before he left.

Something here doesn’t add up, because it’s unusual for someone to call police after not being able to reach someone for 30 minutes. Usually they need to be missing for much longer before you would call concerned.

Eric Decker wife Jessie James says people have tried to hack her iCloud

Jessie James pregnant Eric Decker

There may be a high public demand for nude photos of Eric Decker and Jessie James, but don’t bank on seeing them any time too soon.

As we’ve noted over the past month, multiple celebrities have been the target of hackers who gained access to their cell phones/iCloud accounts to steal private photos. Sports couples like Justin Verlander and Kate Upton, as well as Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union, have been victims of the hackers and seen their personal photos released on the internet. It sounds like New York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker and his wife Jessie James have also been targeted for such a hack.

James tweeted on Monday that hackers tried to get into her email and iCloud account.

James is known for having an excellent (and oftentimes sexual) sense of humor, so it’s very possible she was just joking here. But knowing that the two are celebrities who have their own TV show … and they are considered to be one of the more attractive celebrity couples around, it wouldn’t be surprising that hackers are trying to steal their pictures.

Seriously though, who needs to hack an iCloud when you can get a video like this off Jessie’s Instagram account for free?

James Harrison to meet, possibly sign with Steelers

James-Harrison-SteelersHold the phone on the James Harrison retirement plans.

Harrison announced on Aug. 30 that he was retiring from football, but it looks like he may end up giving it a go for an 11th professional season.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Monday that Harrison is scheduled to meet with the Steelers Tuesday. Assuming the meeting goes well, he could sign with the team.

The Steelers have a need at linebacker after placing 2013 first-round pick Jarvis Jones on the injured reserve-designated for return list. Jones left Sunday night’s game with a wrist injury and needs surgery. He’ll have to miss at least eight weeks, opening things up for Harrison.

Harrison signed with the Steelers as an undrafted free agent and played with them from 2004-2012. He has 66 career sacks, 25 forced fumbles and he is a five-time Pro Bowler. Harrison spent last season with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Steve Bisciotti releases text messages he shared with Ray Rice

Steve Bisciotti

The Baltimore Ravens released a lengthy statement on Monday addressing the recent Outside the Lines bombshell report that exposed the team for allegedly covering up the Ray Rice video to protect their former star running back. One of the biggest accusations from the ESPN report was that Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti offered Rice a job with the team after cutting him. Many viewed that as a bribe.

The Ravens’ statement included what they claim are the exact text messages that were exchanged between Bisciotti and Rice regarding his future with the team. Bisciotti did offer Rice a job when he retires from football, and he said Monday that the offer stands.

“I cannot believe that Ray ever thought I was suggesting he keep quiet, when he got the texts or later on,” Bisciotti said. “They were not an insult. To the contrary, I think he knew these were messages from the heart, as were his responses to me. I wear my heart on my sleeve. Everyone knows that, including Ray.”

Here’s the conversation that took place, per the team’s statement:

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Report: Some NFL players had access to Ray Rice video ‘a week or two’ after incident

Ray Rice apologyMost people seem to agree that NFL officials are either lying when they say they did not see the Ray Rice elevator video or are telling the truth because they made minimal effort to obtain it. The claim that the NFL did not have access to the footage gets harder to believe by the day. Another tidbit from Adam Schefter on Monday made it seem even more bogus.

During an appearance on “Mike and Mike in the Morning,” Schefter revealed that there were NFL players who had access to the video of Rice knocking his then-fiancee Janay Palmer unconscious “a week or two” after the incident took place.

“There were players who were in Las Vegas a week or two after this incident and I know one player said, ‘You want to see the videotape of what happened?'” Schefter explained, via Deadspin. “So there were players who could see the videotape, yet the Ravens, many of the Ravens, claim they couldn’t see it.”

And yes, Schefter specified that it was the second TMZ tape and not the first, which only showed Rice dragging Palmer out of the elevator.

The Baltimore Ravens and the NFL claim law enforcement officials did not make the footage available to them. TMZ somehow got the tape, but we are supposed to believe that one of the most powerful organizations in America didn’t have the resources to track it down.

“You would have to think at some point somebody here will be in trouble over this,” Schefter added. “The security guy clearly knew exactly what was going on. Leadership, management, did what it could to conceal and push it through. I think that Ray Rice’s track record helped him here, that they cared about him. They wanted to believe that it was an isolated deal but they knew.”

The NFL has to be lying. It also sounds like Roger Goodell was lying when he said Rice gave him an “ambiguous” account of what happened on the elevator. We should believe hardly any of what we hear at this point, but that doesn’t mean any of it should surprise us.

H/T Deadspin

Stephen Tulloch celebrated so hard he tore his ACL

Stephen-Tulloch-injuryThe most embarrassing chapter of Stephen Tulloch’s NFL career was written on Sunday, and it cost him the remainder of the 2014 season. The Lions announced on Monday that Tulloch suffered a torn ACL against the Green Bay Packers when he celebrated his sack of Aaron Rodgers by mocking the “Discount Double Check” dance.

Tulloch was removed from the game and said his knee was “sore” afterword. That must have been before he went for an MRI. I’m sure he was hoping the injury would be nothing serious, especially given the way it happened. Despite the unfortunate incident, Lions coach Jim Caldwell said he will not discourage players from showing that kind of enthusiasm.

“It’s not going to happen,” Caldwell said. This is an emotional game, we want enthusiasm.”

A lot of people have been bashing Tulloch, and you can understand why. Could he have gotten up quietly and just gone back to the huddle after sacking Rogers? Sure, but saying he “deserves it” is a bit harsh. Tulloch played in 131 straight games prior to the injury — the longest streak among NFL linebackers. That could have happened to anyone. We have an entire tag full of celebration injuries as proof of that.