Broncos Fan Breaks Out Championship Belt After Tim Tebow Touchdown Pass (Picture)

Broncos fans may be passionate, but they’re not exactly the sharpest cats around. Take this guy for instance. He’s sitting there in the stands at Mile High Stadium, championship belt in hand, probably waiting for the right moment to break it out and wave it around. He probably ripped it off his waste with pride after Tim Tebow threw a 30-yard touchdown pass to Eddie Royal.

Has anybody bothered to point out to him that the Broncos haven’t won a championship? Moreover, Aaron Rodgers has pretty much taken over that bit in the NFL. Unless it was an AFC West division champion belt, that was pretty lame. Even in that case, it’s still lame.

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  • http://profiles.google.com/robert.ethan robert ferraro

    You must be black

  • Anonymous

    That kid got a 18 yd. pass and rain it 80yds. for the winning score. im sure will hear how tebow won the game all by himself. Dont like the steelers but if they werent so baned up they where clearly the better team. Another patroit massager in new england next week

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dave-Schultz/100003344074835 Dave Schultz

    I haven’t watched WWE in a long time but the belt looks like the smokin’ skulls Steve Austin belt. Damn, does that bring back some memories.

  • Anonymous

    The boy looks like he should be visiting Jenny Graig instead of drinking beer at a Broncos game. What can you expect from an 11B.