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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Crazy Hue Jackson Thinks Raiders Can Win the Super Bowl

The Oakland Raiders have already lost Robert Gallery in free agency and they’re about to lose their best player, Nnamdi Asomugha. That hasn’t affected head coach Hue Jackson’s confidence in his squad. Asked recently if he thinks the Raiders can make a run in the playoffs, Jackson said he has bigger dreams than that.

“Why not us? Why not the Raiders? We’re trying to win a championship. It’s what I talk about. It’s what I believe. I don’t know anything else.

“I know some of you look at me and say, ‘Man, this guy must be crazy.’ No, I’m not, because the first place we’re going to beat people is in the mind.”

Well, at least we’ll say that’s the type of attitude you need to have in order to win. Not many teams have had success thinking they were going to lose every game. But could you just imagine Hue Jackson going into a job interview and saying that to Al Davis? Davis is the same guy who thinks his quarterback is the next Jim Plunkett. Comments like these are probably music to his ears.

He should just hope this aspiration works out better than Brandon Marshall’s did last year.

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