Derek Anderson Tirade Video Dropping S-Bombs on Kent Somers After Loss

Following Arizona Republic reporter Kent Somers on twitter, you could tell he had something brewing for the postgame press conference on Monday night. The Cardinals got spanked at home 27-6, losing their 6th straight game. Quarterback Derek Anderson was his typical below average self, going 16/35 for 196 yards and an interception. Making matters even more frustrating for Arizona fans was Anderson getting caught on camera smiling on the bench late in the game. Jon Gruden ripped Anderson for showing positive emotions while his team was getting crushed.

During the game, Somers tweeted “Anderson is back in after yucking it up on the sideline with Deuce Lutui. will have to find out what was funny with 6th consecutive loss.” Well Somers was a man of his word, asking Anderson that exact question in the postgame news conference. Anderson was busted and did not react well. Here’s the Derek Anderson tirade video as he dropped several s-bombs on Somers:

Normally I don’t like reporters who try raking up the muck, but Somers was right on point with his questions. The Cardinals were getting killed on national television and have been embarrassing themselves all season. The line of questioning was within reason and Anderson needs to realize in addition to playing better, he needs to act the part of a professional quarterback. So far he’s 0-for-2.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m all with Anderson on this one. Sometimes on your worst day you just gotta laugh. It’s human nature. Ive been at funerals talking about things that person
    had done, and we’re all laughing. This is ridiculous, I’m glad Anderson went off on him.

    I thought we were past this anyway. Remember back in the 80s and 90s when more and more cameras were added to games? They started showing more guys
    yelling at each other, coaches arguing, etc. And every week those things were blown out of proportion in the media until it finally got through their thick
    skulls that this happens every week, it’s part of the game. And reporters stopped asking about that stupid crap.

    By the way, how did we ever get to the point where every camera is focused on the coach’s handshake or lack of?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ON2Q3PFLNA6D7X45KFWMIQOTVY Eric Z

    The laughing and questions should be directed at Rod Graves. You can’t take that many “steps backward” in the off season and expect something good to come out of it. Prior to the season, there wasn’t one legit starting QB in the NFC West. Not one team in the division is stepping up for an easy opportunity at a playoff spot.