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Monday, May 21, 2018

Drew Rosenhaus: Terrell Owens’ Torn ACL Is Old Injury, He Could be Ready in August

On Sunday it was reported that Terrell Owens had surgery on his knee to repair a torn ACL. The report said the surgery occurred within the last month and that Owens might not be ready to play until mid-November. Based on the report, we said the injury put T.O.’s career in jeopardy. We still wonder how his skills will be after the surgery, but it sounds like he can be ready earlier than expected.

In a phone interview with SportsCenter Tuesday morning, Owens’ agent Drew Rosenahus said the injury occurred in early April and that T.O. had the surgery shortly thereafter. Rosenhaus explains that T.O. is “many months into his recovery now,” that “he’s doing fantastic” and “he has a chance to be ready in August.”

Rosenhaus lauded T.O. as a legendary healer, saying “I wouldn’t rule him out for anything once we get into training camp.” He explained further that “it was a clean tear, it was only his ACL, there was no other collateral damage.”

His main point was to dispel any rumors that Owens was considering retirement, saying “This is old news. All this retirement talk is nonsense.”

When asked how the injury happened, Rosenhaus wouldn’t reveal what led to it, saying that’s not really relevant. However, he did make sure to clarify that it did not happen filming a TV show and that they might reveal how the injury occurred somewhere down the line.

Rosenhaus’ interview corroborates what T.J. Houshmandzadeh told National Football Post when he said the injury was old news and something he knew about for months. It seems like Rosenhaus didn’t want the news becoming public because it can hurt T.O.’s job prospects. If Owens were ready for workouts in August, maybe there was a chance they wouldn’t have had to tell anyone about it and they would have been able to avoid questions. Now, teams will be even more skeptical about signing the receiver.

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