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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Introducing ‘Super Fans’ a.k.a. The Tim Tebow Song (Video)

If you thought Broncos fans were excited about Tim Tebow before, wait until you see them now.  The man who some fans already considered to be Jesus, has become even more popular.  With a 15-point, fourth quarter comeback win over the Dolphins, the people of Denver are probably so high right now that they’ve started looking for Super Bowl tickets and hotel reservations.  Nothing — and I mean nothing — has taken the Tebow craziness as far as the Tim Tebow song.  The song is called “Super Fans,” and it’s a parody of Niki Minaj’s “Super Bass.”  Actually, we shouldn’t refer to it as a parody because I bet the gentlemen who made it take it very seriously.  Check out the music video that LBS reader Dave D. passed along:

That has to top the billboards and everything.  Not those Billboards, the actual billboards that feature Tebow.  Anyone want to bet 100 bucks this is L.B.’s ringtone by the end of the week?  Dude loves him some Timmy T.

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