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Thursday, July 19, 2018

James Harrison Deserves Suspension for Helmet Hit on Colt McCoy

I have been one of the people critical of the rule changes in the NFL that’s favored offenses. The league is so cautious about protecting its offensive stars, referees will penalize defensive players who make hard hits whether they’re illegal or not. Steelers linebacker James Harrison was suspended a game by the NFL Monday for his hit on Colt McCoy, and it’s a decision I support.

Harrison has committed five illegal hits in three years. He was fined a total of six times during the 2009 and 2010 seasons for four illegal hits against quarterbacks and twice for unnecessary roughness. After an illegal hit on Mohamed Massaquoi last season, he said he was contemplating retirement. Now Harrison says he won’t change the way he plays.

He should.

Harrison is similar to Brandon Meriweather in that their style of play leads to illegal hits. Meriweather is known for launching his body at opposing players. Harrison frequently leads with his helmet, and he often goes for opposing players’ heads. There’s a way to make hard tackles without hitting your opponent in the helmet. If Harrison can’t figure out how to accomplish this, then maybe he does need a new profession.

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