James Harrison on Patriots losing: ‘Cheaters never win’

James Harrison admitted he was looking for a reaction with his post-Super Bowl comments, and he’s getting one. The Steelers linebacker tweeted shortly after the Patriots’ loss to the Giants that cheaters never win.

His teammate Ryan Clark tweeted similar thoughts, saying “0-2 post spy gate! Just saying!!”

What they said doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. New England still has won plenty since being busted for filming opposing teams’ signals. The only thing they haven’t done is win a Super Bowl.

Former Giants receiver Amani Toomer said before the game that if the Pats lost, their three Super Bowls deserved asterisks. We questioned his logic; suspicion about three previous Super Bowl wins is independent of the team’s Super Bowl success or failure now.

The Patriots filmed opposing teams because it obviously gave them an edge. But we believe they’re no longer cheating, yet they’re still having winning seasons, and they still have reached two Super Bowls since then. I don’t think they lost this game because they didn’t have the Giants’ signals on film. I firmly believe they were two drops away from winning two more Super Bowls.

If there is some sort of Super Bowl karma for unsportsmanlike conduct, then it doesn’t explain how the dirtiest player in the NFL won a ring in 2008.

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  • will alibrandi

    And where was YOUR team yesterday, Mr Harrison? Sitting at home watching the SB on TV. Loser. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IMA6GBREYHQEY6CPGMVRGSUD4I RobinP

    Please – keep making excuses for cheaters.  Now, America’s most hated team.  Not only did they cheat, but the ref’s cheated with them in 2002 trying to force them to win to “bring the country together” after 9/11.  The country didn’t need that.  Sickening.  Just sickening!

  • Anonymous

    RobinP…time to get back on your meds dear……either that or you just are an idiot of epic porportions.

  • Anonymous

    What they said DOES make a lot of sense! When the writer of this article says “New England still has won plenty since being busted for filming opposing teams signals. The only thing they haven’t done is win a Super Bowl”. Bottom line is pre-Spygate NE was 12-2 in the playoffs and 3-0 in Super Bowls. Post- Spygate they are 4-4 and 0-2. The fact hat they still win a lot is not the point. No one ever said that without spying they would be 0-16 and incapable of winning at all! Pre-Spygate they were a very good team that became a great team b/c of having the advantage of knowing 75% of the other teams defensive calls pre-snap. Post-Spygate they are a very good team that is mediocre in the playoffs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donn-Scott/1449135948 Donn Scott

    Bunch of damn CHEATERS!!!! PROVEN Cheaters! AND Goodell destroyed ALL evidence!
    What sort of sense does that make! James is right! CHEATERS NEVER WIN! Except
    when they are aided by people that want to sweep it all under the rug, and the
    main one that did it was their owners BFF sitting in the commissioner’s chair!
    Cheatriots once again GET WHAT THEY DESERVE!!! FAILURE!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/igwt66 David Byrnes

    To compare Harrison’s style of play, a true throwback player to what the PATS did is beyond ignorant. We all know that this is a game of inches,  truely and that karma doess exist in our world. That team from 2007 set out to prove their greatest  post spygate is why they lost the way they did,  a lesson to be learned by all that taint the integrity of the game, somethning that is not caused by great players playing mean or as your type (a mere 9 years on the job) like to put it “dirtiest player in the nfl”. Obviously, you never played the game and fail to understand the difference of what the PATS did and what it is guys like the Harrison’s (james and rodney) play for. I could go on all day, but you will continue to justify your opinion with more opinion which is terribly sad.  New England Patriots robbed their opponent to ability to compete fairly and stole from many their chance to reach that goal of winning a Championship. Then again, someone like you could never undersatnd the simplicity of what I am saying

  • http://twitter.com/igwt66 David Byrnes

    One of the real sad parts of this story is that Brady was clueless to the cheating which makes it all the more difficult for some to understand the use of the word karma in this situtation. However, it does exist and it is a bitch…and as far as dropped passes, dropped passes got them in this game, so Bellichick could experience the bitter taste of defeat again for what he did!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/igwt66 David Byrnes

    Anybody who is truley a fan of the game would understand the point be made here….no matter who your team is or what the PATS record is post spygate

  • http://twitter.com/TGIFootball Fantastical Football

    Hey Harrison, jealousy is a female trait.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VA6PLMSXX4KIFOSO7DQETN6PIQ Jason

    There’s a bunch of people that don’t know what they’re talking about on here, including the Steelers players’ tweets. For the person that questions the 2001 SB win due to cheating, the “Tuck Rule” is real, and it existed in the rule book when they made that call. You can see it in the NFL Rule Book for that season. An obscure and questionable rule, I’ll give you that. But a rule nonetheless. Allegations of taping the Rams pre-SB walk-through have been unfounded. You can read all the facts about that, too. I think a lot of people don’t know all the facts about “Spygate” either. The funny thing about the spygate thing is that they were not taping the defensive signals unbeknownst to the other team. It’s not like they were spying. They were taping the signals during the game. They deny using the signals taped during the game to help them make adjustments for that particular game (which is against the rules). They were using the tapes for future games. Who knows if that is true or not. What I think is interesting about “Spygate” is that Goodell destroyed the tapes after collecting them from the Patriots and reviewing them. To me, that seems like there was more there and he had something to hide. That’s the most troubling part of the spygate scandal for me. Apart from that, however, the Pats winning percentage has been better since spygate. They just haven’t won the SB. Also, Jimmie Johnson said that he was taught to tape signals like Belichick was but never found any advantage from it, so he stopped doing it. Belichick admitted to the practice of taping signals during games since 2000. In 2007, when they got penalized for it, play calls were being delivered into the Mike LB’s helmet, so I am not sure what advantage taping them gave the Patriots.

  • Anonymous

    Does the idiot know that the Pats have won 3 Super Bowls?  Yeah, I guess cheaters never win James.  Isn’t this the same cheater who was banned for 1 game for trying to kill another player? This is the same moron who tries to break the necks of opposing players.  James, how did your cheating team do this year?  how did they do in the SB last year.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_B5F3USBRLH52IM6E7EFJ6ETOZU Anthony Smith

     Any facts or evidence about the ref’s cheating? Didn’t think so

  • http://twitter.com/igwt66 David Byrnes

    Still, you simpy do not get it. The way a player plays the game is a completely different conversation than what the PATS did by deliberately buying game tickets behind the bench of each team in the Conference and film, FILM defensive signals for future use in key matchups. If you think that is acceptable on any level, you truley lack respect for the game and all the players, hard-nosed or otherwise, that have played in this league since 1920. It has nothing, to do with the way James Harrison or Rodney Harrison play their positions..

    Some fans just DO NOT GET IT!!!!!!!
    It is NOT about SB wins…

  • http://twitter.com/igwt66 David Byrnes

    It is about the INTEGRITY of the game…name calling is not an answer, nor will it ever change the fact that what Bellichick did was way OUT of BOUNDS!!

    No matter how many times the G men beat the PATS, the facts are not subject to change!!!

  • http://twitter.com/igwt66 David Byrnes


    It was not that the rule does not exist, it was that they got the call wrong. He clearly tucked the ball back into his body by placing both hands on it. Nonetheless, this has nothing to do with spygate. This is a different matter all together. For the record, they beat the RAMS fair and square.  Most SB winners including the Steelers have to be both good and lucky to get there by having some calls go your way…That is why Las Vegas exists. Most bad calls are not accidental gentlemen. If gambling offered one a pure 50/50 chance to win,  LV would not exist! (free food for thought)

    NFL Rule 3, Section 22, Article 2, Note 2. When [an offensive] player is holding the ball to pass it forward, any intentional forward movement of his arm starts a forward pass, even if the player loses possession of the ball as he is attempting to tuck it back toward his body. Also, if the player has tucked the ball into his body and then loses possession, it is a fumble.[1]

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SOAJSOJTRSWXSB2QKUKYHROMVE Dana King

    Really? James Harrison is a jacka@#!He has no room to talk at all.He should have been banned years ago for unsportsmanlike conduct and TRYING to hurt players and end careers.What a piece of trash.He doesn’t give a sh@# about anyone but himself.He is still whining about something that happened years ago GET OVER IT!He is just pissed because him and his team got TEBOWED!!!LMAO Steeler’s suck !!!!!!!!and so does Harrison.LOSER!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GW5HKPJY3ARVM5FQAVEF47AN6Y J.C

    Really? James Harrison is a jacka@#!He has no room to talk at all.He should have been banned years ago for unsportsmanlike conduct and TRYING to hurt players and end careers.What a piece of trash.He doesn’t give a sh@# about anyone but himself.He is still whining about something that happened years ago GET OVER IT!He is just pissed because him and his team got TEBOWED!!!LMAO Steeler’s suck !!!!!!!!and so does Harrison.LOSER!!!

  • Anonymous

    Steelers fans don’t have a leg to stand on!!  It’s PROVEN the Steelers were ROIDED beyond belief during the 70’s and 80’s so 4 of their SB should be negated….RIGHT????  The Patriot hate is so laughable.  Bottomline…is they have been the most dominant team for over a decade and people are JEALOUS!  As for Spygate…it’s widely known that ALL teams did it.  Many former players and coaches admitted to the practice.  The only reason the Pats were exposed is because of Mangini when he went to the Jets.  He knew they couldn’t beat the Pats so he ratted them out.  Both of the SB loses to the Giants were great games.  Each team had the chance to win and it took TWO last minute 4th quarter drives by the Giants.  Stop acting like the Pats were blown out and embarrassed!  This time around the Giants were the better team and should have won. 

  • Anonymous

    Evidence?  Watch a replay of that Super Bowl and pay real close attention to the mugging of the receivers way beyond the LOS, the holds, the hands to the head of Kurt Warner, the ‘intentional grounding’ by Brady in the 4th quarter that was NEVER CALLED, the missing 4 seconds at the end of the game, etc., etc., etc. and tell me again that there are no facts or ‘evidence.’

  • http://twitter.com/igwt66 David Byrnes

    Now we know where fantasy land is located….these dudes still don’t get it!
    ALL teams did not do it and ANY team that did do it should be held accountable. This is NOt a conversation about Steroids or Patriot hate. It was simply about much more than that and I am exhausted trying to explain to a generation of fans from the NE that accept what their team did as “everyone does it” and “what about them” and “they  hats us”…

    There is nothing I would like more, socially, than to have never dealt with this type of issue. I LOVED the way the PATS played defense during the Vrabel/Bruschi/Law years. It jsut a f-cking shame that your head coach Bellichick had to do what he did. If he is as “great” as many believe, how come he failed in Cleveland.  Parcells won wherever he coaches because he is truely a HOF coach and a gentlemem to the game of football

    And please do not attempt to bash Tomlim, Cowher or Noll….would be a waste of text!

    BTW – Ty Law should have been MVP of SB 36, hands down!!!

    Ok boys, class is over, you are dismissed, go in peace and teach the youth the RIGHT WAY!!!