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Monday, June 18, 2018

Justin Blackmon completely wasted in video from DUI arrest

Video from the night of Justin Blackmon‘s DUI arrest earlier this month has been released thanks to First Coast News in Jacksonville. And — surprise, surprise — the Jaguars rookie wideout appears totally trashed, mightily slurring his words, stumbling around, and struggling to take off his jewelry. What else was there to expect after he reportedly had a blood-alcohol content of .24 — three times the legal limit?

The footage shows Blackmon — notably wearing a No. 8 Kobe Bryant jersey — being questioned in a Stillwater (Okla.) police station. Here’s an example of the completely nonsensical type of conversation that can only come from somebody being drunk off their you-know-what:

“Married, single or divorced?” the jailer asks.

“Um, neither. I mean I’m single,” Blackmon says.

The jailer asks, “Are you employed?”

“No,” Blackmon says. [Ed. note: Blackmon had already been drafted by the Jags.]

When he was informed he would be charged with aggravated DUI, a bewildered Blackmon responds, “How?”

Kids, let this be a lesson: Don’t drink and drive. Because (among other reasons) it is embarrassing as hell.

Video via The Big Lead

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