LaMarr Woodley Complains About Lack of Steelers Highlights on NFL Network

LaMarr Woodley is known for speaking his mind, so it wasn’t a surprise to hear what he said during an interview on NFL Network’s Around the League Live Thursday.

“You all need to start putting the Pittsburgh Steelers in more of your highlights,” he told host Fran Charles. “Y’all don’t put us in enough highlights.

“I watch NFL Network all day everyday, even when they repeat the shows. Steelers, we get no love. Why is that?” he asked.

Charles vehemently disagreed and playfully denied the charge. Woodley’s ribbing was said in a friendly manner, but it doesn’t change his core point: He feels like the Steelers aren’t getting enough love.

I don’t know if his assertion is accurate, but I do know that when I watch NFL Network on Sundays, highlights from all the games are shown. However, in general, the Steelers have not received as much attention as usual. That’s probably because they started the season 2-2 and because they haven’t beaten an elite opponent. Give us a reason to talk about you, and we will.

Steelers fans may join the complaining and whine about the lack of respect from the national media, but they shouldn’t. We’ve learned many times that disrespect, real or imagined, is a motivating tool for athletes. This mentality can be a good thing for the Steelers.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_M3QH74WQJGDB6GC45VDY56ZPFE David

    As a Steelers fan, I can see LaMarr’s point, and the Author’s point.

    Im neither here nor there. I do agree they dont get many highlights, but when you have teams blowing up all over the league, that is to be expected.

    We all know your good enough Woodley, Lets see you blow up all over a team like we know you can.

  • Bill T

    Meh, I’m used to my Steelers being disrespected and always overlooked.  The only recent year I can remember us being hyped up was after we won the AFC Championship game in 05-06. And then that was more of a Bettis hype than anything else.

    Over the last 7 years we’ve had 4 AFC Championship games, 3 Superbowl appearances and 2 Superbowl wins. I’ll take that any day of the week over highlights on the NFL Network.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7KZZ2SZIRJLTLSU6QJB4MMJ42Q NCDad

    boo hoo….they won against mediocre teams, and some BARELY at that, and lost to playoff contenders.  Face it, they just aren’t that good this year.  Plus they play in one of the worst divisions in the NFL!  They make the playoffs most times simply because they didn’t have to play anyone in their division!  The Ravens are decent every other year, and the Clowns and the Bungles?  Please…….Ever wonder why people despise the squeelers so much?  Because they are cocky and arrogant when they win and whiners when they don’t.  Just stfu whiners….

  • http://www.facebook.com/betty.matlack2 Betty Matlack

    Love the Steelers.. Best TEAM  Ever..