LeSean McCoy thought Matt Barkley was named ‘Mark’

Matt-Barkley-USCMatt Barkley is already receiving some rookie disrespect at Philadelphia Eagles camp. The only good news is at least the disrespect was unintentional.

According to The Philly Inquirer’s Zach Berman, Eagles running back LeSean McCoy was calling Barkley “Mark” throughout the entire day during the team’s first workout on Monday. Berman says that McCoy legitimately thought Barkley’s name was “Mark.”

Matt Barkley/Mark Sanchez/Matt Leinart. All those USC quarterbacks are the same. Yeah, it’s easy to see how someone who doesn’t pay too close attention to college football could get that confused. It’s not like Barkley’s been on national TV or the cover of sports magazines in the past few years. Why would McCoy know his first name?

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  • joel

    If Barkley plays in Philly like Leinart and Sanchez have played in the NFL, the fans will call him a lot worse than “Mark”.

  • joe

    Matt has played at the highest levels from the day he started organized football.Barkley will not be flashy but he is a leader of men on the gridiron and Matt will win when coach Kelly gets the right set of 53 gladiators around him