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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Media Wants a Brett Favre Comeback More Than he Does

It has become clear over the past month that the media is desperate for a Brett Favre comeback, even if he has not demonstrated an interest in returning to the NFL. Yes, we know Favre has waffled in the past and retired then come back several times, but it seems like he is done this time. Maybe the incriminating pictures and voice mail played a part. Maybe it was the multiple injuries and years of physical beatings that wore him out. Whatever the reason, it seems like Brett Favre is going to remain retired this time, just like he indicated in October.

What’s somewhat sad is how desperate for Favre the media has proven itself to be. Having experience working in sports talk radio and writing sports stories, I understand that Favre is always a talking point who can generate clicks and calls. He also is a one-man ratings bonanza when it comes to TV. But does that justify the constant rumors about him returning to the league?

Let’s look at how sad it’s become.

In July, Gil Brandt said in a chat on NFL.com that he thinks Favre would be interested in talking to a team about returning. That’s not a general manager or NFL reporter who said it. It was just the personal opinion of a personnel guru. Mind you, he also said Favre would be interested in “Talking to a team,” which does not necessarily mean making a comeback. Regardless, one man’s words became everyone one’s headline.

About three weeks later, when the Eagles needed a backup quarterback (prior to signing Vince Young), an Eagles reporter said the team might be interested in Favre as a backup. That made headlines until Jay Glazer got a comment from the Eagles who denied it. Their Vince Young signing backed up the denial.

Last week another round of rumors flied when the South Florida Sun-Sentinel wrote about Brett Favre playing quarterback for the Dolphins. The logic was simple: Miami missed out on a Kyle Orton trade and they’re dissatisfied with Chad Henne. Tony Sparano said he wouldn’t rule anything out, but that seems like a literal comment given that Miami also worked out Tiki Barber. The result was The Miami Herald dispatching a reporter to Hattiesburg, Miss only to be curtly told by Favre “I don’t have any interest.”

Even though Favre has gone back on his words many times before, this seems real. He’s older, he’s aging, and he had a sub-par season last year.

Brett Favre has moved on from the NFL. The question is: When will the media finally move on from him?

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