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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Pats Looked Beatable, Will Go 16-0

Yes, I realize that appears as a contradictory statement. How can a team that finally, for once in the year, looked beatable, also be a team that will not lose? Well, it’s simple. Sunday’s game proved to me that the Colts and Pats are just head and shoulders above everyone else in the NFL. They are not just one step above the other 30 teams; they are two notches higher. Sure, either team can be beaten by another good team on the right day, but it just won’t happen.

For three quarters of the game, the Colts dominated New England. Had Marvin Harrison been healthy — and I think this was overlooked — they probably would have won the game. They had their chance to knock New England off the mountain and they didn’t. The Pats finally went three and out, failed to move the ball, and couldn’t score on offense. And in case you missed it, Randy Moss was the difference maker; without him, the Pats don’t win. Brady began throwing to Randy on almost every down late in the game because he realized that was his lone big-game playmaker.

The Patriots looked vulnerable and they were trailing. Indy had the only legitimate shot at beating them. It didn’t happen, and now the Pats will go 16-0, just as I called it in the offseason. Watch out ’72 Dolphins — your time is up.

(AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

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