Steve Young Crushes Vince Young

Vince Young used to get praised for being a talented player. Lately, he’s been criticized for his attitude and poor work habits. After a bizarre series of events at the end of Tennessee’s loss to Washington, coach Jeff Fisher said Young would not be the team’s starting quarterback regardless of injury. Tony Dungy said he would part ways with Vince Young if he were Jeff Fisher, while team owner Bud Adams says the two will have to get along.

Personally, I think Fisher cost his team a chance at winning the game by keeping Rusty Smith in the game instead of Vince, but that doesn’t make Young’s post-game fit OK. If you really want to hear a strong opinion about Vince, you have to read what Steve Young said. Asked on ESPN how he would settle the situation between Fisher and Vince, Steve gave an impassioned response:

What do you want to get settled? I don’t think you’re capable of playing, I’m going to sit you down, we’ll talk about it after the game. And you’re going to have some eruption and leave in the middle of a team meeting after the game and have an argument with your head coach and walk out and get in your car and leave? That’s unheard of!

Bill Walsh, Mike Holmgren, Mike Shanahan anybody … that’s not possible. Now that’s happened twice? Not exactly the same scenario — this is a problem for Vince Young, this is not a problem for Jeff Fisher. As a head coach, you’ve got to take control of your locker room — this is the big boy league. You cannot have that kind of eruption. If you have a problem with dealing with some of the stresses — and there are a ton of them — and I totally understand that you get frustrated. But don’t tell me that you’re competitive, and I’m going to erupt and leave the team hanging, and then say I’m just competitive — it doesn’t work.

Plus your game is not getting better. His footwork — he has not worked on the little things. Despite the winning record, you have to give every bit of credit for winning records, but his quarterback play has not gotten better. It’s plateaued. … I’m in Jeff Fisher’s camp on principle.”

Steve Young says Vince Young has plateaued as a quarterback and it’s hard to argue with him. Vince is not an average passer, but he is a winner. His scrambling ability and running threat allows him to make plays many other quarterbacks can’t. I think there’s eight teams that all would be better off having Vince as their starting quarterback, so there will be a market for him if the Titans cut him. However, if Vince is not putting in the time to maximize his abilities, then he’s not the type of guy you want as your franchise quarterback.

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  • Anonymous

    Whoa. Steve Young said something notable? That’s a first. I still yearn for the days of him looking so uncomfortable sitting next to and getting touched by michael irvin.

  • Gene

    Vince Young is a “9-5″ guy. That worked in college where his athletic prowess was enough for him to excel on, by in the NFL it is merely enough to “get by on”, and it sends the wrong message to his teammates. Michael Vick has come back with a different attitude and work ethic. Hopefully Vince will realize the error of his ways without having to go through what Vick did.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BZCFQWPRIMSH5QSRONEZFQ5KLI Steve

    Amazing how steve young went on to blast the “dean of coaches” without even knowing all the facts. He acts as if JF has treated Vince like a franchise QB. JF NEVER wanted Vince and if not for Bud Adams, Vince wouldn’t have played last year and saved JF’s job. The FACT is JF has done EVERYTHING in his power to undermine Vince’s ability to grown and develop into the qb he can be. His rookie season, vince was able to show the league what he could do. After that, JF wanted to ensure that VY did it his way or he wouldn’t play and has gone out of his way to make sure the scheme isn’t designed to fit his players strengths and has continually looked for a reason to bench Vince. Could Vince have handled it better? It’s easy to say yes, but we aren’t there to see what goes on and the fact that this isn’t the first time JF has treated a QB like this, aka McNair, it speaks volumes of a coach that is content with being sub par. Why is it that no one outside of Tenn is questioning JF on his role in this and his continual mistreatment of VY? Oh wait, someone is, that would be Skip Bayless and a few others are taking note.