The Raiders Are Wusses

I cannot believe this news. The Raiders canceled the remaining week of offseason training because of complaints from the players’ union about the intensity of their practices. No joke. The Raiders apparently do not want to get better. Their players complained about the rigors of the practice. Are you kidding me? You play a professional sport like football and don’t expect to be worn out in workouts? What is this, badminton, or professional football?

I understand what happened with Korey Stringer. I’m not saying that coaches should overwork their players and go all Bear Bryant on them. But come on, to cancel all remaining practices? That’s ridiculous. Why not just have them toned down slightly? Do they really need to be canceled? I guess this is the foundation of a 2-14 team. That’s how to succeed in the NFL. Al Davis must be rolling over in his grave.

On another point, I can’t imagine that whatever Lane Kiffin is having these guys do is much worse than practices Tom Coughlin puts his team through. Coughlin has a reputation of being a dick towards his players. So my question: Is this the first example of the veteran players trying to override the 31-year-old rookie coach? Could be. But I think the players are only hurting themselves here. That is, if they actually care about winning.

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  • http://completesports.blogspot.com twins15

    They’re never going to get to 3 or 4 wins with that attitude! :)

  • Dummy

    Give them a break…how do you know how if feels to suck that bad? I applaud Al for cancelling the remaining week; imagine how bad the morale would be with an extra week of practice to really showcase what a bunch of teet-sucking momma boys they really are.