Tom Brady and Gisele vacation with Wes Welker, Anna Burns in Costa Rica

Wondering how Tom Brady and Wes Welker would get along after Gisele ripped the Patriots’ receivers for dropping passes in the Super Bowl? Apparently they’re doing just fine.

X17 Online published several photos of Tom and wife Gisele on vacation at their home in Costa Rica. The Boston Herald points out that Wes Welker and his fiancee, Anna Burns, also joined them.

Brady is the one wearing the black cap in the picture while Welker has a white cap. Typically we wouldn’t think too much about a vacation, but this is significant because it shows things appear to be fine between Brady and Wes. Welker is a free agent and expected to receive a franchise tag from the Patriots.

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  • sisters123

    lolol yeah,all the LOSERS CAN watch the superbowl from their hotel bhahaha

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CXGQOBBII4ZJUGSKDFN25ZRKKM Mike

    Like you, huh? Except your”hotel” is a loud sports bar. Then, you’ll go home alone, and get out the vaseline. [Just don't let your mom know.]