Tom Brady slides with cleats high

Not only did Tom Brady show poor clock management at the end of the first half of the AFC Championship Game on Sunday, but he also had a questionable slide.

The Patriots had a second-and-10 play at the Baltimore 10 with 24 seconds left in the half. Brady scrambled to his left and slid to avoid a tackle, but he pointed his leg up high and kicked Ravens safety Ed Reed in the leg.

Baltimore safety Bernard Pollard ran toward the official to point out that Brady may have committed an unsportsmanlike play, but no penalty flag was thrown.

Rather than call a timeout, Brady tried setting up the offense for another play. He took so long to get organized that New England didn’t get another chance to score a touchdown. Brady finally used the timeout with four seconds left, and New England kicked a field goal to go up 13-7.

There is no doubt that Brady slid with his cleats high and aimed at Reed. The only question is whether he was trying to shield himself from a hit or inflict damage on his opponent.

Below is a screenshot of the kick:

tom brady slide

As many have pointed out, the play looked similar to Ndamukong Suh’s kick to Matt Schaub’s groin.

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  • Nevis07

    You question if Brady tried to injure another player, but don’t ask if Pollard has been doing so for 4 years straight?  What BS.


    One does not exclude the other.  Both could be attempting to hurt their opponents

  • John

    Say what a Patriot cheat? I just don;t believe that!!! lol

  • 1jkates1

    well looks that way to me, even worst than sue’s to the groin against shaub.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/STXJXL4CWXRNFUBELGER6FCBJY factchecker

     If it were anyone but Brady, he would have been flagged and then fined.He is such a poor sport

  • http://www.facebook.com/tim.roettiger Tim Roettiger

    Pretty obvious.  Think we will see a no flag/fine here.  Sucks to see Brady stoop to this.

  • JohnNFlorida

    ‘Cleats high’ is an Ejection Offense in Baseball, Soccer and should be in Football if it isn’t already.  Brady SHOULD have bee ejected from the game.
    It doesn’t matter who did what yesterday or what the league did yesterday. Brady threw the cleats up. That’s a foul.

  • JohnNFlorida

     Are you arguing 2 wrongs make a right? If not, this is a moot question.

  • Badmf

    Hey Qbs slide and a speeding Raven doesn’t indicate stopping I would protect myself too, not a kick but a high slide, warning don’t hit the QB slightly illegally.

  • Kelly White

    i think he should be fined big time . he may be a good q b  but his sportsmanship is a total zero . how can anyone act like that and still get respect in the nfl

  • coltsfanpa

    this is a real sport though.

  • coltsfanpa

    The Ravens are one of the cleanest teams in the NFL. LOLZ

  • anyonebutsimms

    Hats off to the Ravens I am a Steelers fan but  the Ravens would not give up.Now to my point is it just me or is Phill Simms awful to listen to almost painful.I can not think of one time he has ever said anything about football that we do not already know.My neighbors lil girl knows more about the sport than he does.He is only yards from the game and has the best tv coverage stuff and even Jim Nantz next to him and still cant get it right.I have to watch the games and listen to the radio for play by play.And he will cover yet another super bowl,no Al,John or Brad we get Phill.If I have to hear Phill ask Jim nantz (do you remember that Jim)I will lose it.Or be half way through a statement and just stop with no point,or make no sence at all.I do not think he is faking he has no knowledge of the sport.

  • Toronto EckCleric

     Listening to all the “knowledgeable” announcers/analysists on the greatness of the New England team can really make you think they are better…it’s about creating illusion and, most believed it.  What makes it most painful for New England Pats and their fans is that Bill and Tom believed it too…and forgot to make the proper adjustments to beat a  better prepared team.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FZIUXEMHG5CDG2NIKMEM47IVB4 Ann

    Absolutely should have been flagged!  Anyone who can be called a good sportsman doesn’t “defend himself” by raising his leg at an oncoming player.  If concerned that Reed would fall on him, why didn’t Brady roll on the ground?   I’d love to see the front office fine Brady $50,000 or so on Tuesday for this nonsense (not that I’m holding my breath).
    While I’m annoyed at cryBrady for kicking a man when he (Brady) was already down, I’m angry that the officials did absolutely nothing about it.  Just as they did nothing about obvious pass interference against Torrey Smith in the 2nd quarter.  It’s no wonder that so many fans think NFL officials are for sale to the highest bidder.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FZIUXEMHG5CDG2NIKMEM47IVB4 Ann

    Not the point.  Brady deliberately kicked Reed.  Brady was wrong.

    P.S.  When the Ravens’ hits aren’t clean, they get flagged.  The same should happen to the Pats, but it doesn’t.

  • brandon lauer

     pollard doesn’t try to hurt other players, hes just a hard football player. you have never seen pollard do anything blunt that would make you think that, unlike what brady did here. the ridley hit tonight was his own fault for lowering his head, if he never did it wouldn’t have been a helmet to helmet contact.

  • matthew bloom

    I understand people hate the Pats and Brady, but for F sake he’s wearing turf shoes not cleats. It’s not like soccer cleats or baseball spikes.

    He’s not kicking Reed but protecting himself from being bombed late. There is no intent to injure here especially while wearing mild turf shoes.

    This is not even remotely similar to Suh’s groin kick.

    Congrats to Baltimore on a well earned win.

  • 1footballjunkie

    Raven vaulted defense” The Obstruction of Justice”, lead by Ray Lewis of Gangland who do nothing but cheap shot should be the last to moan about

  • JohnNFlorida

    If I had a drummer he could give you a ‘rim shot’ for that joke.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OPQPT3AKZZDZNMFTMYMWKNTESY phoneman

    I was going to complain about the officiating in the game but seeing Tom Brady go into the fetal position in the middle of the field looking like he’s saying “don’t hurt me”, somehow, made it all right.

  • Phil Smith

    Simms has two Superbowls, so can’t exactly say he doesn’t know anything about the sport. He’s just not that eloquent of a commentator. Troy Aikman, Chris Collingsworthless, Chuckie Gruden are the best, with Gruden being the most knowledgeable football commentator since early Madden. Simms is like the Charles Barkley of football. Know the game, but don’t know how to tell you about the game.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001439400489 Pat Guerrini

    Oops, I guess you forgot to mention that the Ravens were flagged twice for helmet to helmet contact,  which was shown on Nat’l TV , AND then got away with it  when they concussed Riddley and the ass refs called a fumble and no flag, while he was unconscious on the field. 

    And the EMT couldn’t even get to him because the Ravens were piled on his body!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001439400489 Pat Guerrini

    and the Ravens hit helmet to helmet and concussed Riddley and were not called! Not only that, while he was unconscious they blocked the EMT’s from responding to him! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001439400489 Pat Guerrini

    And I would love to see the Raven who did yet another helmet to helmet hit a(3rd of the game) and concussed Riddle AND then while he was unconscious, the trainer couldn’t even get to him because the Ravens were  playing pig pile! Disgraceful!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/E42HURXXXK4IRL73NUXPQZLMPQ alain

    In Summary:

     The two best teams are in the SB, and both
    teams (if not for 100-1 flukes) would have been last year.

    The Pats have no
    legitimate SB titles to date. 

    In 2006 – They were investigated by the United
    States Senate…..and subsequently destroyed evidence they could have proven
    the case one way or another dating back to at least 2000.

    They did not win one single playoff game in the
    years subsequent to being caught until the 2011 8-8 Tebows.

    America does not like cheaters, ask Lance….. if you support
    the Pats, you support cheating….and the Billionaire Krafts simply laugh at
    the boobs who continue to line their pockets and egos as they got away with it
    due to the NFL.

  • jaxxmjd

    Maybe the players can wear tutus in your league.  In the NFL, you’re supposed to play hard.  There’s a huge difference between that and making a cheap play like cry-Brady made on that slide.  

  • jaxxmjd

    Please tell me that you’re not really that stupid.  First, there is no helmet to helmet rule when it’s a runner (specifically on rushing plays and receiving plays once the receiver has established the completion and made a move).  Second, Ridley lowered his head prior to the hit.  Feel like blaming someone?  Blame Ridley.  But at least try not to sound like a clueless idiot.

  • The McElroys

     reiddle lowerd his head to make the helmet to helmet!
    the pile was 3 yards away from him.

  • jaxxmjd

    Translation: “Derp, I know nothing about football.”

  • jaxxmjd

    Awww, did we pway too rough for you guys?  Should we just use flags in the future?  

  • totmacherX

    The Pat’s players were right there in the scrum too fighting for the ball…and you seem to forget the clear hit after Ed Reed called fair catch on a punt that was helmet to helmet and not flagged. The Pats get away with things all the time.

  • The McElroys

    i think that bradys kick was not intended to hurt anyone, it was just a sissy move
    from fear of being hit!
    both brady and belicheck were classless at the end of the game not congratulating the winners!

  • Derek Christensen

    Protecting himself by *initiating* contact?  If he slid, he is protected by rules.  He didn’t need to kick him like that.

  • Mike Mani

    You know nothing about football.  It was a run and as such the nfl has ruled that runners are responsible for protecting themselves.  If it were a pass, then their would have been a helmet to helmet penalty.  Don’t even know why I bothered educating you.  You’re prolly going to continue making ignorant comments and hold onto to your made up rules.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004153088520 RavensBaby Baltimore

    Please watch the replay and see who dropped their head and knock themselves out.  Please take off the rose colored glasses.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004153088520 RavensBaby Baltimore

    Please yall got so much home cooking your should be too full to talk.  Helmet hit on a fair catch call – nothing, grab a jersey and drag a man down, not even a holding call let alone pass interference, and BRADY is a straight punk.  He should be fined and suspended for some games next season.  Kicking a man in the junk in the NFL is not tolerated, yet Brady gets away with it again.

  • Mike Mani

    Brady should be fined irrespective of his intent.  It was a cheap shot and if anyone on the Ravens team had done this, it would have resulted in flag/fine.  Seeing as this is Brady and a glamour boy for the NFL, nothing will happen.  Still, the loss in Boston and his lack of class in refusing to congratulate the opponent are sufficient for me.  U mad Brady?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jim.miederhoff Jim Miederhoff

     Belichick and Brady.  Two of a kind.  Billy is an (A) hole and Tommy is a Wussy.  Looked like he was trying to take out the second baseman to disrupt a double play.  He should have been “Taken Out” on the next play.  But, he would have probably lain there and cried and run home to his “Model” wife and complained to her. 

  • Kenny Gurule

    Yes h

  • http://www.facebook.com/TheEstablishment Ben Hanses

    “…but he also had a questionable slide.”
    Grow some stones, Larry Brown.  Nothing questionable about this at all.  If the rest of the league didn’t have a reason to hate the Patriots AND Brady, they sure as hell do now.  Any time I see a cheap shot artist in any sport, I can never root for that d-bag again.

  • phat_boi

    Brady tried to take out Reed's junk with his cleats, millions of people saw it and he didn't get a penalty. Why are you complaining again?

    Oh that's right, 28-13.

  • DonnRob

    Agree. Brady should be fined and suspended in the beginning of next season.

  • Stowonder

    You guys have to make things out that this guy does this this guys that!  It was a slid and gravity can make things look wrost then they are! If you are going to look at Brady , I would hope you look at others and share a coment! Pollard is one of the most sneaky players you will ever see .  Thats if you  want to look at it! wher ever he has played he is involved with someone!! getting hurt.  So if it makes you feel BIg to talk about Tom or Bill you keep on with it!  But if you look at what they do  it,s been good. They don,t try to blame anyone else. They make mistakes ! AS W ALL DO

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.lynch.37669 Robert Lynch

    You can’t fix stupid! The billacheats came and threw there helmet on the field and what…. The Ravens took a dump in it.

  • http://twitter.com/wine_man1 Chi-man 67

    actually per NCAA slide rule the cleats have to be above the knee so this would have been judgement call at best!

  • JohnNFlorida

     Watch the clip. Those cleats were at waist height, well above the knees.

  • JohnNFlorida

    I won’t denounce his sportsmanship based just on this. I think he screwed up, in this case, and I think he should be punished for it.
    I’ve not witnessed Brady being Unsportsmanlike in general. That may have something to do with the fact that I’m in a different tv market and therefore don’t see his every game.  I’m not aware of his having that reputation.

  • johnnyjunior

     The answer is YES!   It was a cheap shot by Brady.

  • jason morrell

    A) Two best teams are absolutely in the super bowl, no question about it.

    B) They have 3 and all are legit

    C) No they weren’t. One Sen tried and had no support or evidence. The evidence was destroyed by the league not the Pats

    D) Der, they have made it to two super bowls and also beat Houston this year since the Spygate thing

    E) Krafts have always been a class act. Ask the players from around the league who got the negotiating done last year?

    Sour grapes on your part. If you dont know the facts about something dont run your mouth.