Tom Brady Wants Time Off to Play Dad

So far we’ve seen things get pretty ugly with Matt Leinart and Brynn Cameron when it came to their kid. Then, we had LeBron say he wasn’t going to miss any games because of the birth of his child. And now, on the complete other end of the spectrum, we have Tom Brady. Apparently the man currently banging Gisele is requesting time off from football to be present for the birth of his child.

While Brady wouldn’t divulge exactly when the child was due with his former girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan, he did say he’d like the time off for daddy duty.

“We’ll see when it happens. Like I said, it’s up to Bill,” Brady said when asked about potentially leaving the team. “Bill has a lot to say, so we’ll deal with it when it happens.”

The Pats coach, meanwhile, responded to the Brady time-off question in his usual noncommital, vague way.

“I think there are situations between a player and a coach and the team and the personal situations, these are dealt with on an individual basis,” Belichick said when asked specifically about giving Brady a few days off for the birth of his child. “It doesn’t matter who the player is. There are plenty that have come up through the course of the year. I’ll deal with them like I do all of them.”

So, what are the actual chances Billy boy lets him off? I’m thinking they’ll work something out. And get ready for every single thing Brady does wrong this year to be not only over-analyzed, but also attributed to his fatherhood. They better win the Super Bowl … otherwise it’s going to be a looong season of questioning.

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  • http://svpstyle.com ScottVanPeltStyle.com

    I’m sure Belichick will pull his head out of his sweatshirt and let him go. After all, he couldn’t have won all those rings with Bledsoe at QB.

  • Case

    Why do you put the emphasis on the child/fatherhood being the reason if they don’t win? What about putting the blame on the man himself for banging the fugly supermodel? How about questioning him on how much effort he has put to his preparation of fatherhood, was it more or less than galivanting the globe with his paramour?

  • Glory

    First, I HATE the term baby daddy/mama…it’s stupid. Call it what it is. If Bridget Moynahan and others like her are unwed mothers, their male counterparts are unwed fathers. Just remember where you first heard that. Relationship advise from papa Belichick? I don’t think so. Hell, the biggest difference between him and Brady is their looks. Which makes it mandatory for Bill to have to pay his married lovers to sleep with him, while Brady can attract rich actresses and models who can pay their own way. It’ll be interesting to see if Brady can manage to grow up before his kid does.

  • http://www.larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    relationships, kids, whatever they’ll find excuses.