Marian Hossa Avoids Suspension for Hit

It was a wild finish in Game 5 of the Blackhawks/Predators series on Saturday. Down 4-3 in the final few minutes, Chicago pulled its goalie but lost its man advantage when Marian Hossa was sent to the box for pushing Dan Hamhuis into the boards. The play was reminiscent of Alex Ovechkin’s push of Brian Campbell that LBS writer Erin Redmond termed dirty. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with Ovechkin’s hit and the result of Campbell’s play confirms my initial belief — Hossa was called for a five minute major for boarding.

NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell decided no suspension was necessary for Hossa despite giving Alex Ovechkin a two-game suspension based on the “repeat offender” concept. Going back to the crazy finish in Chicago, Hossa’s penalty took away the Blackhawks’ man advantage when they pulled their goalie. Despite playing five-on-five hockey, Patrick Kane put in a rebound to tie the game at 4 with 13.6 seconds left. Just over four minutes into overtime, Hossa came out of the penalty box and poked a deflected puck into the net for the game-winner making it 3-2 Chicago in the series. Here’s the infamous video of Marian Hossa’s hit on Dan Hamhuis to see for yourself:

Hawks’ Hossa avoids NHL Suspension [AP/Sporting News]

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  • Steve DelVecchio

    The hits were definitely similar, but Ovechkin’s looked like it had much more intent behind it than Hossa’s. If nothing else, he shoved Campbell a lot harder than Hossa shoved Hamhuis. It’s a dangerous play, and the league needs to be careful and consistent when dealing with it, but it really looked as though it was just one of those things that happened in the blink of an eye and happens when two guys are racing for the puck. I think it’s the right call to not suspend him in the playoffs.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Here were my two biggest issues with the ruling. From Colin Campbell’s statement regarding why Hossa wasn’t suspended compared to Ovechkin:

    – the fact that the consequences of the play do not appear to be as severe
    – that Mr. Hossa is not a repeat offender

    I feel like neither aspect should have been held Ovechkin.