Lingerie League quarterback delivers devastating hit (Video)

The Lingerie Football League isn’t just about girls in skimpy outfits and reality shows — they actually play some real football.

Witness the hit above: Regina Rage quarterback Nikki Johnson lowers her shoulder on Toronto’s Devine Burton to score a touchdown in Regina’s week 3 upset win. I mean Johnson just laid a forearm shiv on Burton! You think you those kinds of hits on Saturdays and Sundays? Well you do in the LFL. You think a little skinny dude like DeSean Jackson could handle something like that? Not a chance. Some of these ladies are tough.

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  • SpinMax

    That was a bad bad snap

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000162033380 Dave Nesbitt

     These girls hit harder than the Broncos do for sure.

  • esdanny

    These kids need a little more padding other than their attributes, they play real hard and even though I enjoy their attributes, I would wish they had more personnel protection. This is a hard game to play for guys, let alone girls. And no I’m not sexist, just worried about their well being and health.

  • cifrank282

    Am I seeing things or did that sideline reporter just touch the second girl Kylie Rossler’s tit right before she left @ 4:23 ???? Lol