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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

LCS Start Times Hurt Dodger, Angel Fans

The way MLB schedules playoff game start times often doesn’t make much sense. For instance, when the Rockies/Phillies game was postponed on Saturday because of poor weather conditions in Denver you figure they would bump the game to a time when better conditions were expected. Naturally they moved Game 3 to Sunday night because the weather in Denver is much nicer at 10pm than it is at say 3pm, right? Well it seems like similar logic was applied when scheduling a few of the LCS game start times. MLB decided it wanted to start games earlier rather than later to cater towards a young audience (supposedly). Well the price of making the games more East-Coast friendly is the Dodger and Angel fans get screwed. Let me explain.

The Game 2 start time for the Dodgers/Phillies on Friday (as pointed out by my buddy Luis) is 1:07pm PT. I realize that the recession has a higher portion of the state unemployed but come on! How can you start a freaking NLCS game during lunch time when most Dodger fans are at work? Are you serious? How about this for a change — have both games start at 7:07pm local time meaning the Angels/Yankees begins at 7pm ET and the Dodgers/Phillies begins at 10pm ET. The only people really getting hurt are Phillies fans since they have to stay up late to watch the game but it’s a Friday night. This still would work out well for TBS and FOX because they would get more of the NY and LA markets in prime time.

The exact same scenario happens on Monday hurting Angel fans on the West Coast that want to watch the game. They’ll likely be working during the 4:13pm ET start time. Someone please explain to me the logic in starting a League Championship Series game at 1pm for the local fans? Honestly, who decides these things?

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