Even T.O. Is Pouring it on Ed Werder

So first we had enthusiastic “Cowboy Chris” heckle ESPN reporter Ed Werder for “yellow journalism” and his use of “anonymous sources.” Maybe T.O. saw that video because he decided to join the bandwagon on Sunday night following the Cowboys’ 20-8 win over the Giants. T.O. gathered with Tony Romo and Jason Witten for the postgame interview with Andrea Kremer on NBC and offered the following:

Owens sang the same tune in his postgame press conference, expressing many of the same concerns (minus the profanity) as Cowboy Chris regarding Werder and ESPN. The only hole here is that T.O. admitted something was up on Friday to the Star Telegram, but that was after the story had been released by Werder. Let me just say this: next time things are slow around here, be on the lookout for a Brett Favre wants to return to the Packers story. Why not, right?

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  • SpinMax

    Ed Werder needs to put up or shut up. If TO and Witten really did come to blows, then why would he be
    the only guy to know about it? No other reporters in Dallas? Yea right. A journalist should protect his
    sources unless they are lying.

  • http://news.review-of.com/ News Review

    Hope both Werder and Owens can settle their differences soon.. Both their image are being tainted with bad faith..