Dan Patrick to Compete With Cowherd, Tirico or Van Pelt as Replacements?

So Dan Patrick’s exit date from ESPN Radio is quickly approaching, and now a lot of questions will be answered. For one, what timeslot will Patrick’s new show occupy, and secondly, who will replace him at ESPN? Well, quite wisely, Patrick’s new company has elected not to have him compete with Jim Rome. Additionally, it looks like I could have been right when I said Mike Tirico might replace Patrick.

The Houston Chronicle says that Scott Van Pelt and/or Mike Tirico could replace Patrick on the radio. We’ve already heard Van Pelt fill in for Patrick now, and he seems pretty natural. I have no doubt the same could be said about Tirico. Now, with the new company, Patrick’s show will air from 9am-noon ET, as opposed to his current 1pm-4pm ET slot. Patrick won’t be competing with Jim Rome, instead, he’ll be on opposite the Herd. I can easily see several markets picking up Patrick’s show in that timeslot — especially on the East Coast when the morning drive is over. Now, we shall wait and see who ESPN hires as the replacement.

(via Ben Maller)

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  • http://svpstyle.com ScottVanPeltStyle.com

    Please be Van Pelt. Please Be Van Pelt. Please be Van Pelt…

  • http://pointguardu.com NICK

    There go the ratings for ESPN Radio

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  • Tom

    Would like Van Pelt and Tirico, either or both would be great…..Cowherd better pray that Patrick does not go up against him he will get smacked could see a great number of ESPN now stations cutting Cowherd for Patrick. Cowherd own worse enemy too full of himself

  • TJ

    The Booger Eaters will follow Dan Patrick or Should I say Dan Pugh (that is his real last name), Look Dan does not stand for a thing, granted he was great on Sports Center, nobody can argue against that, but his Radio Show is not that good. If he competes against the Herd, he will get the beat down of his life in ratings, He will change his name back to Pugh to separate himself from Patrick, Dan is not ESPN, ESPN is ESPN, I know they had a a great mutual parting of ways. He can have his Reggie’s and Olberman’s of the world, but believe it or not, they are not that popular. It was funny that Olbermann didn’t get an air time this week….On assignment…yeah… he was kissing the Clinton;s ass. Dan, wish you nothing but the best, but ESPN made you, and you will fail miserably without them

  • Jimmy G

    There go the ratings? I can’t talk about other markets but in the Dallas-Fort Worth market, Dan, Mike & Mike and our local guys are getting killed by the local station here, the Ticket. Hell they air Cowherd on delay around 9pm.

    If Van Pelt gets the job, I’ll give ESPN radio a chance again.

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