Lolo Jones breaks down during interview: US media ‘ripped me to shreds’ (Video)

Last weekend, the New York Times published a piece that many believe was extremely unfair to US Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones. The heading of the article said it all: “For Lolo Jones, Everything is Image.” It compared Jones to women’s tennis star Anna Kournikova, making the point that her personal affairs and good looks have made her a popular topic of discussion — not her accomplishments on the track. As you might expect, the piece greatly upset Jones.

“I think it was crazy just because it was two days before I competed, and then the fact that it was from a US media,’’ Jones said on The Today Show as she nearly broke into tears. “They should be supporting our US Olympic athletes and instead they just ripped me to shreds. I just thought that that was crazy because I worked six days a week, every day, for four years for a 12-second race and the fact that they just tore me apart, which is heartbreaking.

“They didn’t even do their research, calling me the Anna Kournikova of track. I have the American record. I am the American record holder indoors, I have two world indoor titles. Just because I don’t boast about these things, I don’t think I should be ripped apart by media. I laid it out there, fought hard for my country and it’s just a shame that I have to deal with so much backlash when I’m already so brokenhearted as it is.”

Jones has an infectious personality and a great sense of humor. She has openly discussed how she has remained a virgin and told interviewers what she is looking for in a man. She has even joked about being linked to Tim Tebow, whereas some may have taken offense to the notion that two virgins are destined to be with one another.

On Tuesday, Lolo tweeted that she had a “broken heart” after failing to medal in her race by one-tenth of a second. The race itself was the fastest in Olympic history. She finished eighth in her race at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, but only after clipping the final hurdle. Jones was leading up to that point, so obviously she is more than just a pretty face. The New York Times clearly did Jones and Team USA no favors by voicing a different opinion.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/stephen.voss1 Stephen Voss

    Jere Longman has changed the face of the NY Times with his gratuitous character assassination of Lolo Jones. Sorry I can’t include the accent Jere has added to his name, as part of his cynical campaign to promote himself for fame and money … his despicable prostitution of the journalist’s art. Maybe the Times can spare another journalist to do a hatchet job on Jere, because you can bet the skeletons in his closet are scarier than anything he found in Lolo’s. I’ve never seen such viciousness in the Times before … for that matter, not in the National Equirer, not in anything Rupert Murdoch has turned out. Longman ought to be ashamed. The Times ought to be ashamed. The rest of us ought to look over our shoulder … one day Longman might want to do a story on one of us. Lolo came in 4th in the Olympics a year after spinal surgery. Longman evidently hasn’t recovered nearly as completely from some brain surgery he must have had recently.

  • mywonka

     that’s just like the NYT’s it just goes to show what the JEW ASS HOLE that own it  are really about. they are just trying to destroy AMERICA!!!!