LeBron James leaving Miami Heat fake story catches everyone on Twitter

For a few minutes Thursday, several people were fooled by a fake Twitter story saying LeBron James was leaving the Miami Heat.

One of the many Adrian Wojnarowski fake/ripoff accounts that thrives on screwing with people sent out two tweets Thursday about James leaving the Heat.

The first tweet about LeBron supposedly telling the Heat he is leaving had over 450 retweets at the time of this writing. The fake account does a good job of impersonating Wojnarowski, too; they use his name, avatar and even have a blue check mark next to the handle, making it look like a verified account. But the account is clearly fake as it has only around 1,000 followers and has only sent 30 or so tweets, compared to thousands for the real Wojnarowski.

Fake Wojnarowski Twitter

We can’t go too hard on everyone who was fooled; we’ve screwed up before and even published a Terrell Owens story a while ago that stemmed from a fake account. But it goes to show how things get carried away these days. Big-time writers like Bomani Jones and Joe Posnanski retweeted the fake tweets. Even Yahoo!’s NBA blog was fooled by the fake Woji account.

Since we’re on the subject, I’m 99 percent certain LeBron isn’t leaving the Heat. He has no reason to. He just needs Pat Riley to improve the roster, which they did in the draft. And even if LeBron were leaving, he wouldn’t have had his agent inform the team. He would have gone out and met with teams and considered his options first before announcing a decision.

FOX Sports 1 hires Adrian Wojnarowski to be TV NBA insider

Adrian WojnarowskiFOX Sports 1 made a huge addition to their network by hiring Adrian Wojnarowski to be their NBA insider.

Wojnarowski is the top NBA reporter in the country and frequently breaks news or shares exclusive information that can’t be found elsewhere. He gained notoriety writing for Yahoo! Sports and will continue to do so according to The Big Lead, which broke news of the hire. Woj’s work with FOX Sports 1 will be on TV as an insider. As TBL noted, this deal will be similar to the arrangement Sports Illustrated/Monday Morning Quarterback’s Peter King has with NBC Sports, where he’s able to write for one outlet and do TV work for another.

Though Woj will continue to break his news and write for Yahoo!, this is a strong hire for FOX Sports 1 and should enhance the “FOX Sports Live” program. This also is another sign that FOX Sports plans to get into the NBA business. Currently, ABC/ESPN and Turner are the networks that have national TV rights for the NBA. FOX Sports is trying to get into that as well to bring more live programming to the network.

Why Anything Adrian Wojnarowski Writes About LeBron James Needs to be Ignored

Adrian Wojnarowski is an NBA reporter for Yahoo! Sports. He is one of the best information men in the business, frequently breaking stories before most other reporters. That makes him a valuable asset for Yahoo!, and an important person to follow on twitter. Seriously, just watch him and Marc J. Spears team up during the trade deadline and on draft day and watch the show. The information they uncover is impressive. Unfortunately, Wojnarowski is also allowed to write columns and cover games, and this is where one of his biggest weaknesses is on display.

There is not another prominent NBA writer with a more glaring anti-LeBron James agenda than Adrian Wojnarowski. He has demonstrated in his writing that his goal is to portray LeBron James negatively whenever possible, and there are serious consequences with that behavior that needs to be addressed.

It is one thing to dislike someone on a personal level and dissect their behavior off-the-court. Criticizing LeBron James for the way The Decision was executed is fair (something Woj did). In fact, it would be difficult to find someone who could defend it. But criticizing LeBron’s actual decision to leave Cleveland and saying it permanently ruined his legacy before he even played a game for Miami is unfair (here’s a lengthy explanation why).

It’s particularly unfair when a biased piece fueled by personal hatred ends up with over 16,000 facebook shares and 1,400 retweets. Criticizing LeBron’s play on the court because of a personal dislike based on what he does away from the court is not only unreasonable, it’s also irresponsible when you have a platform like Wojnarowski.

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