Andy Reid on final Eagles days: I spent too much time with personnel, not coaching

Andy-Reid-EaglesWhile Andy Reid was never able to bring a championship to Philadelphia, he still enjoyed a great deal of success during his 14 seasons with the Eagles. After reaching the playoffs in nine of his first 12 seasons, Reid led his team to a 12-20 record from 2011-2012. What went wrong?

During a Q&A at the NFL’s Career Development Symposium over the weekend, Reid was asked about the issues he had during his final seasons in Philly. His answer made a lot of sense.

“About a year ago, I found out what I wasn’t good at because [I was] out the door,” Reid explained, via Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I went back, and I looked at it, and … I drifted away from the thing I love doing most, and that was coaching.

“I took [myself] completely out, dealt more with personnel … stopped calling the plays, all those things.”

Marty Mornhinweg served as an assistant under Andy Reid from 2003-2012. Toward the end of their time together, Reid let Mornhinweg take over the offensive playcalling. While he praised Mornhinweg for doing a “phenomenal” job, it’s not a coincidence that Reid went back to calling plays himself with the Kansas City Chiefs.

“It also allowed me to … try to keep my personality in the room and do what I like doing,” he said. “I learned a lesson. I thought I stepped out for the right reasons. It probably wasn’t the right thing to do.”

Reid has to be referring to the self-proclaimed “Dream Team” the Eagles assembled in 2011. Instead of sticking to X’s and O’s and coaching philosophies, Reid went out and acquired guys like Nnamdi Asomugha, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Jason Babin.

With the Chiefs, we saw Reid turn an awful squad into a playoff team. He did that with great coaching. That’s not a coincidence.

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Andy Reid compares his talent at a buffet to Peyton Manning’s talent on a football field

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid spent most of his press conference on Wednesday discussing the situation with wide receiver Dwayne Bowe, who was arrested and charged for possession of marijuana on Sunday after being caught speeding. But Big Red did maintain a sense of humor and even made a hilarious comparison later in the presser.

After moving on from the Bowe subject, Reid was asked about the Denver Broncos’ offense, which the Chiefs will face on Sunday night.

Reid, of course, praised Peyton Manning, who has been stellar this season and leads the NFL with 3,249 passing yards and 33 touchdown passes. Reid praised Manning for his smarts as much as his physical ability. That led someone (supposedly another heavy-set gentleman) to ask if Manning’s mind and brain are responsible for his success as much as anything else. That’s when Reid busted out his crowd-pleasing line.

“I would tell you he’s talented. There’s talent there. You and I could do this at a buffet, but he does it on the football field. There’s some athletic ability that takes place there. He’s got that figured out.”

I dunno, Reid’s in that upper-echelon of elite eaters. He might actually be better in a buffet than Manning is on a football field. That’s a close call.

[WATCH: Andy Reid as the Kool-Aid man is the perfect GIF]

Andy Reid food

Baby Andy Reid is a hilarious Halloween costume


Earlier this week, we showed you what we believe was easily going to be the best child Halloween costume of 2013 with little Kliff Kingsbury. After being introduced to baby Andy Reid, we’re thinking we may have to divide the competition up by age.

How perfect is that? The parents of the infant version of the Kansas City Chiefs coach reached out to CBSSports.com’s Will Brinson.

“We live in Olathe, KS and are big Chiefs fans,” a woman named Jody wrote. “It was my husband’s idea to dress him up as Andy Reid for our neighborhood Halloween party. I just wish we could get a photo with him and Coach Reid together. That would be hilarious!”

Game over.

Andy Reid as Kool-Aid man is GIF perfection

I can watch this on loop over and over again and not get tired of it. Andy Reid as Kool-Aid man busting through a brick wall into the Kansas City Chiefs’ locker room. GIF perfection right there.

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Jamaal Charles: Andy Reid probably wishes he was still coaching the Eagles

Andy-Reid-EaglesAndy Reid will likely be dealing with an odd range of emotions on Thursday night when his Kansas City chiefs head to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles. Reid will be patrolling the visitors’ sideline in a stadium where he spent 14 season coaching from the opposite side of the field. However, he claims he hasn’t given it any consideration.

“In this business you’re focused in on getting your team ready to play,” Reid said earlier this week, via ESPN.com. “That’s where my energy is going to go. I haven’t really thought about that other part at all. I don’t necessarily plan on thinking about that. I want to make sure I concentrate on the game at hand and anything else becomes a distraction and I’m not going to let that happen.”

Jamaal Charles isn’t totally buying it. In fact, the star running back said he believes Reid would still be coaching in Philly if he had his way.

“It means a lot, so I hope we go out there and play for our coach,” Charles told ESPN’s Ed Werder after Sunday’s win over the Dallas Cowboys. “You know what I’m saying? I know he has a lot of love for his Eagles, he worked there a lot of years and he probably wishes he was still coaching there.”

While that may not have come out the way Charles wanted it to, we understand what he’s trying to say. I’m sure Reid got tired of fans calling for his head and getting “Fire Andy” tattooed across their ass, but he took the Eagles to five NFC Championship Games. Ideally, the 55-year-old would have liked to win a championship in the place where he started his NFL head coaching career.

No matter what Reid says, Thursday is not just another game. Human nature would never allow it.

Andy Reid wanted to trade for Alex Smith while in Philadelphia

Alex SmithWhen Andy Reid talks about how highly he thinks of Alex Smith, he’s not just blowing smoke. He really means it.

The Kansas City Chiefs traded a second-round pick in this year’s draft and a third-round pick in the 2014 draft to the San Francisco 49ers to acquire Smith earlier this offseason. It sounds like that was a dream fulfilled for Reid. The former longtime Philadelphia Eagles head coach liked Smith so much that he tried trading for the quarterback while he was with Philly.

The Kansas City Star reported last week that Reid has “long coveted” Smith and that he called the Niners to inquire about trading for the quarterback. The New York Times said on Saturday that Reid acknowledged he tried to trade for Smith while he was with the Eagles.

“I just appreciate him and his work ethic and the way he goes about business,” Reid said during the week, via The Star. “He’s very diligent, and he gives his receivers an opportunity to catch the football. When he’s doing that and when we’re controlling the line of scrimmage with the different blocks we’re putting in, whether it’s pass protection or changing runs for the run game, he’s capable of that. So he does a nice job there.”

Smith frequently competed for the starting job in San Francisco and was supplanted by Colin Kaepernick last year. Maybe Reid was trying to pull Smith away while the former No. 1 overall pick was on the bench. Or maybe he just thought so highly of Smith that he wanted the quarterback regardless of the situation. We do know one thing — Reid isn’t the only one in KC who is high on Smith; last week, Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson said he felt Smith was the best quarterback in the league. KC is definitely putting a lot of stock into Smith. I just don’t see him being the big-time player they envision, though it won’t be because of a lack of confidence instilled in him by the organization.

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Andy Reid wore his ‘casual Friday’ shirt to the NFL Draft (Picture)


Somebody should remind Andy Reid that the NFL has now stretched the draft out over a four-day period, meaning it begins on a Thursday. Round 1 still falls in the middle of the work week. Lose the Hawaiian shirt, bro.

As you can see from the photo above that was posted on Reddit on Thursday, Reid decided to go “casual Friday” while he was sitting in the Kansas City Chiefs war room in Missouri. The Chiefs had an entire offseason to figure out that they wanted to select offensive tackle Eric Fisher with the first overall pick. It appears Reid forgot to put any thought into what he was wearing in the process.

All joking aside, this is what people love about Andy. The dude just doesn’t care. You can make as many fat jokes about him on ESPN as you want, and he’s still gonna roll out looking like Uncle Buck when he knows the cameras are watching.