Jermaine O’Neal reportedly confronted Blake Griffin after game

Jermaine-ONeal-Blake-GriffinThe Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors have quickly developed a hatred for one another. There seems to be an incident every time the two teams get together, and Wednesday night was no exception. Early in the fourth quarter of LA’s 111-98 victory, Jermaine O’Neal was assessed a technical foul for saying something to Blake Griffin as he walked to the bench. The exchange continued after the final whistle.

According to Brad Turner of the LA Times, O’Neal confronted Griffin in the hallway after the game and the two briefly stood face to face.

“Why you want to walk up on me?” Griffin reportedly asked O’Neal. “Leave that (stuff) on the court.”

O’Neal responded that he is a “monster” off the court and the exchange ended. Griffin had no interest in talking about what happened when reporters asked him about it.

Nah,” he said. “That’s between me and him.”

Arash Markazi of ESPNLosAngeles.com said the confrontation was blown out of proportion.

Remember, these are the same two teams who refuse to even hold chapel together before games. NBA fans should be crossing their fingers that the Clippers and Warriors meet in the playoffs.

Blake Griffin came flying in out of nowhere for this sick dunk (Video)

Blake GriffinJust when you think that Blake Griffin dunks are old and played out, he goes and does this.

This is so much more than Blake just being a great dunker. This is timing, instinct, and athleticism all in one play.

Come on, Mark Jackson. Where was the box out? There wasn’t even anyone in the paint!

Griffin finished with 30 points and 15 rebounds in the Clippers’ 111-98 win over the Warriors. The Clips have won 9 in a row and look great!

Video via GIFD Sports

Blake Griffin does Karl Malone tribute dunk (Video)

Blake Griffin broke out a nice tribute to Karl Malone during the first quarter of Monday’s Clippers-Suns game.

Griffin got a pass in the front court and went up for an uncontested dunk in transition. With nobody around, he put his left hand behind his head like the “Mailman.”

“Just a tribute to one of the best power forwards of all time,” Griffin said of the dunk during an interview with Prime Ticket after the game.

What inspired the tribute? Griffin didn’t say, but maybe it has to do with Malone being complimentary of the Clippers star recently.

While serving as a commentator for ESPN, Malone mentioned Griffin as the one guy he’d really like to spend time with and help. He also advised Griffin to go crazy on the next person who messes with him to discourage that kind of behavior. Griffin hasn’t exactly followed the advice, which is why he was involved in a fight with a guy like PJ Tucker later in the game. Maybe if Griffin hauled off on these guys, they wouldn’t mess with him.

Below is a look at Malone doing it:

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Blake Griffin hit in face by PJ Tucker during fight (Video)

Once again another NBA player got into it with Blake Griffin, and this time there was an ejection at stake.

P.J. Tucker was ejected from Monday’s Clippers-Suns game with about 5:30 remaining in the game. The Clippers were up by 14 at the time, so it’s possible that Tucker was frustrated, because he dragged down Griffin as the two were fighting for position for a rebound following a Matt Barnes missed 3-point attempt.

Tucker appeared to hit Griffin in the face. Griffin reacted strongly and scrambled to go after Tucker, but they were separated. This GIF shows where Tucker got him:

Tucker’s shot at Griffin did not go over well at all, because Blake was ticked off more than we normally see. He usually is much more composed even when he’s been abused by the other team.

Griffin had 37 points in the win. He even went 9-for-10 at the free throw line.

Blake Griffin PJ Tucker

GIF via @cjzero

Blake Griffin throws down two windmill alley-oops from Chris Paul (Video)

Blake-Griffin-windmillThe Los Angeles Clippers blew out the Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday night, and Lob City was out in full force. At one point in the second quarter, Blake Griffin threw down windmill dunks on alley-oops from Chris Paul on back-to-back possessions.

Griffin’s two monster slams gave the Clippers a 41-point lead with just under five minutes remaining in the first half. LA had 69 points by halftime and ended up winning 123-78, which was the largest margin of victory in the NBA this season.

And Griffin tries to tell us that Lob City doesn’t exist anymore? My eyes can’t fool me.

Karl Malone wants Blake Griffin to go crazy on next person who cheap shots him

Blake GriffinAs we have chronicled many times here at LBS, Blake Griffin often gets into it with opposing players. Why? Many of them are physically overpowered by him, so their answer is to cheap shot him. Griffin rarely retaliates, but he’s often ridiculed for “flopping.” Charles Barkley and Shaq said on “Inside the NBA” Thursday that Griffin needs to stand up for himself, and Karl Malone said the same thing on Friday.

The Mailman was a color commentator for ESPN’s telecast of the Utah Jazz-Golden State Warriors game on Friday night and talked about how much he likes Griffin. He then explained what advice he would offer the Clippers forward.

“I would love to spend some time with Blake Griffin,” Malone said. “I love that kid. First thing I’d do [is say], ‘Blake, the next time one guy cheap shots you, just lose your mind. I would pay your fine. Lose your mind, run roughshod … if a coach grab you, throw him too and say ‘I’m sorry coach.’

“I love the way this kid plays. I don’t like the cheap shots that people take at him,” Malone said.

Just a few weeks ago, Griffin was taken down by Samuel Dalembert during a game. In the playoffs last year, Zach Randolph tried to choke Griffin. Malone didn’t let anyone push him around on the court, so he’d like to do the same.

Malone is also an old school player and shared one thing about today’s game that bothers him.

“I’ll tell you what I can do without … I’ve never seen so much body armor on. Leave that for our military. They need it. All these leg armor and sleeves … my goodness gracious. I’m old school.”

Despite the complaint about all the armor, the Mailman said that there are a bunch of players in the game today whom he likes and respects.

As for the advice Malone, Shaq and Barkley have for Blake, he just better be careful about what kind of retaliation he pulls; he could end up suspended, not just fined if he follows their advice.

Samuel Dalembert, Blake Griffin get in minor skirmish (Video)

Poor Blake Griffin. The guy is always getting pushed around.

During the fourth quarter of the Los Angeles Clippers-Dallas Mavericks game, Griffin was taken down to the ground by a combination of Dirk Nowitzki and Samuel Dalembert while fighting for position under the basket. Dirk seemed to push him from behind, while Dalembert also pulled him down. It was a tag-team effort.

The Clippers were down 125-112 at the time of the foul, but Darren Collison’s 3-point shot went in to make it a 10-point game. Griffin got a free throw and made it, and the Clippers were awarded the ball and made a bucket to turn it into a 7-point game. All in all, it was a 6-point sequence for the Clips.

And was Blake bothered by it? The guy had a big smile on his face:

Blake Griffin reaction