DeMarcus Cousins on Chris Paul: ‘I don’t respect a cheater’

DeMarcus-Cousins-Team-USADeMarcus Cousins does not like Chris Paul. We realized that earlier this year when Cousins refused to let teammate Isaiah Thomas shake Paul’s hand after the Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Sacramento Kings. What we don’t really understand is why Cousins holds so much animosity toward CP3.

In a recent feature written by Grantland’s Jonathan Abrams, Cousins explained himself — sort of.

“It’s just, some players I don’t respect,” Cousins said when asked about Paul. “Just their playing style of basketball. I don’t respect it. I feel like it’s basically cheating and I don’t respect a cheater. If that’s your tactic to winning, I don’t respect you.”

While Cousins (or Abrams) did not go into specifics, he may have been referring to Paul’s tendency to flop for calls. CP3 brought us one of the most pathetic flop attempts of the season last year, and he was trying to draw a foul on Cousins when he did it.

Thomas also gave his account of the incident that took place earlier this season.

“It was [him being competitive],” Thomas said. “At the same time, I told him, ‘Everyone looks at everything that you do. So they may take it a different way than what you were trying to do. You’re mad we lost. You don’t want to shake hands with them, but you didn’t have to pull me away to make it something that it wasn’t.'”

Cousins was obviously mad about more than just losing the game, especially if he feels that Paul is a “cheater.” That said, he also snubbed JJ Redick when Redick tried to shake his hand in another game. Incidents like that explain why people never give the former Kentucky standout the benefit of the doubt.

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Deron Williams crosses up Chris Paul twice (Video)

Deron-Williams-crosses-up-Chris-PaulThe Brooklyn Nets got the best of the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday night, and part of the reason for that was Deron Williams winning some of his one-on-one battles with Chris Paul. Williams, who is rounding back into form after missing a large portion of the season because of injury, made CP3 look silly on more than one occasion.

The two plays happened in the span of about three minutes late in the second quarter. The first time, Williams had a little help with a screen from Brook Lopez that Paul wasted little effort fighting through. The second time, Williams simply crossed CP3 up and finished with a floater in the lane.

CP3’s defensive effort wasn’t all that overwhelming on either play, but it was nice to see Deron show some explosiveness. If the Nets can somehow find a way to dig themselves out of a hole, Williams will be the one holding the shovel.

Video via Pro Basketball Talk

DeMarcus Cousins won’t let teammate Isaiah Thomas shake Chris Paul’s hand (Video)

DeMarcus-Cousins-Isaiah-ThomasLos Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul must have done something to offend DeMarcus Cousins during his team’s win over the Sacramento Kings on Sunday. Otherwise, Cousins has no explanation for stopping teammate Isaiah Thomas from shaking Paul’s hand.

Cousins literally grabbed Thomas and pulled him away twice when Thomas attempted to have a friendly exchange with CP3 at the end of the game. DeMarcus was in an understandably bad mood after missing a jump shot that could have won the game for Sacramento with seconds remaining, but it’s unclear why he insisted that Thomas snub Paul.

“He’s young, man,” Paul said when asked about the incident after the game, via The Point Forward. “He don’t know no better. He needs some guidance. It is what it is.”

Cousins must have had some sort of motive, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t act like a child. Refusing to shake an opponent’s hand after a game is one thing. Forcing your teammates to do the same is immature. Then again, there’s a reason Cousins has been benched multiple times in the past. The 23-year-old just can’t seem to grow up.

Tony Allen ejected for kicking Chris Paul in the face (GIF)

Tony-Allen-kicks-Chris-PaulMemphis Grizzlies guard Tony Allen was ejected from Monday night’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers after being called for a Flagrant 2 foul. This wasn’t just any hard foul. Allen literally kicked Chris Paul in the face.

Paul drove through the paint late in the first quarter and caught Allen off guard with a head fake. Allen then spread his arms and legs to try to fill the passing lanes. In the process, he lifted his left leg in the air and booted CP3 in the face. The officials initially called Allen for a Flagrant 1 but upgraded it to a Flagrant 2 after watching the replay. The veteran guard apologized for the kick after the game.

It would be hard to believe that Allen actually meant to kick Paul in the face. I highly doubt he did, but throwing his leg up like that was dangerous. That’s why he was thrown out of the game.

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Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak still not over David Stern rejecting Chris Paul trade

Mitch KupchakLos Angeles Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak still has not gotten over NBA commissioner David Stern rejecting the Chris Paul trade two years ago.

Paul, now in his third season with the Clippers, was originally set to be traded to the Lakers as part of a three-team deal also involving the New Orleans Hornets and Houston Rockets. Though a trade had been agreed upon that would have sent CP3 to the Lakers, the league, which was controlling the franchise after acquiring it from George Shinn, later turned down the deal for “basketball reasons.” Less than a week later, the Clippers pulled off a trade for Paul and have become the top team in the city.

Kupchak was speaking to fans at a season-ticket holder event on Sunday about how the new CBA has helped create more competitive balance within the league. He was complimentary of Stern for globalizing the game, but he mentioned the Paul trade.

“He’s done so much for this [league with] his vision,” Kupchak said via the Los Angeles Times. “. . . We’ll miss him, with the exception of one moment.”

Lakers broadcaster Stu Lantz, who was moderating the event, asked whether Kupchak had forgiven Stern for that.

“No I haven’t,” Kupchak answered.

We doubt that Lakers fans have, either. They probably will never get over the rejection of the deal, and the words “basketball reasons” will always be a sore spot for them. As for Kupchak, well, he usually finds a way to build a successful team, and we have no idea he’ll figure that out again.

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Francisco Garcia gives Chris Paul a death stare

Francisco Garcia stare

If looks could kill, Chris Paul would be dead thanks to a staredown from Francisco Garcia.

There was a dust-up between the two in the fourth quarter of the Los Angeles Clippers-Houston Rockets game on Monday night. CP3 turned the ball over on an entry pass in the fourth quarter and then was whistled for a foul after trying to poke the ball loose from Garcia in transition. Paul reached in on Garcia about three times, so Garcia gave him a little shove. As they were being separated, Garcia gave the death stare:

Garcia was called for a technical foul for the staredown.

I’m guessing CP3 set Garcia off by telling him to go lay on a medicine ball.

Chris Paul toys with Jeremy Lin (Video)

Chris Paul Jeremy LinChris Paul just abused Jeremy Lin on Monday night during the Houston Rockets-Los Angeles Clippers game in LA.

On one possession in the third quarter, CP3 broke out all the tricks on Lin. He went behind his back, then to the stutter step, then between his legs, then past him for a layup. Talk about getting worked. That was just unfair.

Earlier in the quarter, CP3 caught a pass by the three-point line and switched direction, causing Lin to slip.

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