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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Articles tagged: David Ortiz

David Ortiz fakes bunt, hits home run on next pitch (Video)

Your browser does not support iframes. In baseball today, shifting infielders based on tendencies of the batter has become common place. Sometime it’s more exaggerated than others and certain players see them routinely, like David Ortiz. Earlier this season, Ortiz hit a fly ball into a shift employed by the Texas Rangers that brought to…Read More

David Ortiz hints Jon Lester will be back with Red Sox

David Ortiz was not thrilled to see his longtime teammate Jon Lester get traded by the Boston Red Sox on Thursday, but he does have some optimism about playing with his friend again. Ortiz talked with MLB Network’s Tom Verducci Friday about the two big moves Boston made prior to the trade deadline and hinted…Read More

Chris Archer is being a hypocrite with David Ortiz

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Chris Archer isn’t the only one who had a problem with David Ortiz’s dramatic bat flip on Sunday. Big Papi has pissed the Rays off on several occasions by pimping his homers, and he is not going to stop just because people are complaining. But more importantly, why is Archer whining?…Read More

David Ortiz tells MLB Network to shove it after PED comments

David Ortiz was not happy that his name came up in connection with the John Lackey-Nelson Cruz PED comments, and he let the media know about it. Lackey was roped by Nelson Cruz and the Baltimore Orioles on Saturday and voice his displeasure over being hit hard by a guy who was suspended last year…Read More

David Ortiz gets his hit, apologizes for outburst

David Ortiz has once again gotten his way. The Boston Red Sox slugger put up a major stink over an error against the Minnesota Twins last week that he thought was a hit, and the official scorer has since changed his call. Official scorer Bob Ellis reviewed the play and awarded Ortiz a hit on Monday….Read More

David Ortiz angry again over error he thought was a hit

David Ortiz once again feels like he has been cheated out of a hit, and he is furious about it. The Boston Red Sox slugger ripped a ground ball down the first base line in the seventh inning on Wednesday night that was misplayed by Joe Mauer, and the official scorer ruled it an error….Read More

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