David Ortiz fakes bunt, hits home run on next pitch (Video)

In baseball today, shifting infielders based on tendencies of the batter has become common place. Sometime it’s more exaggerated than others and certain players see them routinely, like David Ortiz.

david-ortiz-buntEarlier this season, Ortiz hit a fly ball into a shift employed by the Texas Rangers that brought to an end a perfect game bid by Yu Darvish.

On Thursday, the New York Yankees used one and David Ortiz decided to fake a bunt attempt. Derek Jeter reacted by scampering in and a good laugh was had by he and Ortiz. Then, on the very next pitch, Ortiz hit a home run to right field.

Because it’s David Ortiz, and he’s tormented the Yankees over the years, that was bound to be the end result. However, the bunt attempt did provide us with this, so it wasn’t for naught.


David Ortiz hints Jon Lester will be back with Red Sox

David Ortiz Jon Lester

David Ortiz was not thrilled to see his longtime teammate Jon Lester get traded by the Boston Red Sox on Thursday, but he does have some optimism about playing with his friend again.

Ortiz talked with MLB Network’s Tom Verducci Friday about the two big moves Boston made prior to the trade deadline and hinted that Lester might return to Boston.

“I wasn’t happy,” Ortiz said of the Lester trade. “That’s one of my pretty good friends and teammates for a long time. And the season he was having … always wish him the best. But I have a feeling I will play with him again before my career ends.”

Lester will be a free agent after the season, and the Red Sox are a candidate to sign him. Perhaps Lester or Boston’s front office tipped their plans to Ortiz.

Boston had a nice overall day in terms of returns. They received Cespedes and a draft pick from Oakland, and Joe Kelly and Allen Craig from St. Louis in the Lackey trade. Ortiz understands what management was doing.

“It’s looking like we’re trying to rebuild and get things better for next year,” Ortiz told MLB Network’s Verducci. “Hopefully that’s the case. We’ll see if what we will help us to finish the season good and get better for next year. We got some good players. We have a couple of bats, we have a young, talented pitcher in Joe Kelly. I faced him last year in the playoffs and he has explosive stuff. Hopefully it can work out the way we expect.”

As you could imagine, Ortiz is pretty happy about having Cespedes on his team. He raved about the Cuban slugger’s power and ability to learn, and he believes he’s still figuring out the game.

“Great man, great. This kid has unbelievable power. I think in his case he’s still in the learning process. But he has explosive power.”

Boston was 48-60 this season, so it made complete sense to trade some parts in return for others. And how great will they look if they sign Lester in the winter after getting Cespedes and a draft pick for him?

Chris Archer is being a hypocrite with David Ortiz

David Ortiz home runTampa Bay Rays pitcher Chris Archer isn’t the only one who had a problem with David Ortiz’s dramatic bat flip on Sunday. Big Papi has pissed the Rays off on several occasions by pimping his homers, and he is not going to stop just because people are complaining. But more importantly, why is Archer whining?

Well, we know the real reason. Archer doesn’t care about the so-called “integrity of the game” — he just doesn’t want Ortiz admiring a 420-foot shot that Archer served up. After ripping Ortiz on Sunday, Archer was asked if he still felt the same way on Monday.

“I never saw Hank Aaron flip his bat,” he said, according to the Associated Press. “I’m not comparing the two, but they’re obviously in the same class of players as far what they accomplished. I guess different people have different ways of reacting. That’s just who he is.

“Do I regret saying the truth? No. Agitated is not right word. Angry is not the right word. He pimped a home run off me. Not mad, just speak the truth.”

I wonder if Daniel Nava felt the same way as Archer last June when Archer struck him out to get out of a bases loaded jam. Check out this video from last season that Deadspin brought to our attention:

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David Ortiz pimped the ever loving s— out of this home run (Video)

David Ortiz home runDavid Ortiz is a king of the long ball and master of the bat flip.

The Boston Red Sox DH crushed a 3-run home run in the top of the third inning of Sunday’s game with the Tampa Bay Rays, and he pimped it hard core.

Ortiz took the ball deep, gave a fantastic bat flip, a nod of approval for his job well done, and then he began walking towards first base. This angle captures it even better:

Ortiz already takes forever to circle the bases on his home run trots, but this seemed extreme even by his standards. Rays fan Cork Gaines says Ortiz took 10 seconds just to get to first. This GIF seems to confirm that stat:

The whole trot probably took him about 30 seconds. I think he did it just to tick off David Price.

Forearm bash to KFC Barstool

David Ortiz tells MLB Network to shove it after PED comments

David OrtizDavid Ortiz was not happy that his name came up in connection with the John Lackey-Nelson Cruz PED comments, and he let the media know about it.

Lackey was roped by Nelson Cruz and the Baltimore Orioles on Saturday and voice his displeasure over being hit hard by a guy who was suspended last year for PED-ties. In response, many people have pointed out that Lackey has little room to talk considering one of Boston’s top sluggers — Ortiz — has PED ties as well.

Many forget about it, but Ortiz came up on a list of players who allegedly tested positive for PEDs during anonymous testing in 2003. Ortiz said that the positive test came up as a result of tainted supplements.

With that in mind, a host on MLB Network decided to throw in Ortiz’s name when discussing the Lackey-Cruz beef on Monday. Ortiz happened to see that and vented to WEEI on Monday.

“What pisses me off is the whole thing about, why does my name got to be mentioned in that? What did I have to do with that? I saw on MLB the guys talking about it, and then they brought my name up, and one of the guys said that I got a free pass on that,” Ortiz said according to WEEI.com.

“(The MLB Network host) wants to make it sound like I got a free pass because nobody can point fingers at me directly. But the reason why I got that fake (expletive) free pass that he’s saying is because they pointed fingers at me with no proof. It’s easier to do it that way than having something that they can say, ‘Yes, you did this, you did that.’ My (expletive), I call straight up bull. Let me tell you. You don’t get no free pass here, especially a guy like me. I don’t get no free pass. That free pass B.S. that they want to talk about over there, they can shove it up their (expletive).”

Those were some of the comments from Ortiz — you can read the rest of the rant at WEEI — but you get the point.

Ortiz has never gotten a free pass from me. I was very critical of him when the report of his positive test first came up, and I have remained somewhat suspicious since. He says he has passed multiple drug tests since then, including several already this season. And he certainly didn’t get a free pass from Colin Cowherd last year.

The reason it seems like Ortiz has gotten a free pass is because he wasn’t suspended like Cruz. But there are still plenty of people who have suspicion about him, so I would definitely disagree with MLB Network on that.

David Ortiz strolls to first on walk before pitch reaches catcher (Video)

David Ortiz received an unintentional intentional walk from the Chicago Cubs on Tuesday, and he sort of made a joke of the whole thing.

Ortiz was 0-for-2 with a walk when the Cubs decided to pitch him carefully with a man on and two outs in the bottom of the 7th and the score tied 1-1. Relief pitcher Wesley Wright threw three straight balls well off the outside corner, so on the fourth pitch, Ortiz began walking up the line before the pitch was even delivered and reached the catcher.

David Ortiz walk

What Ortiz did may be viewed by some as disrespectful, but it might actually pay off at some point. This could tick off teams to the point where they wouldn’t want to give Ortiz the free base, or they’ll feel like they can sneak a fastball by him next time. In that sense, Ortiz could be baiting them into pitching to him.

Whatever the case, the Cubs’ strategy worked, because Mike Napoli grounded out to end the inning.

David Ortiz gets his hit, apologizes for outburst

David OrtizDavid Ortiz has once again gotten his way. The Boston Red Sox slugger put up a major stink over an error against the Minnesota Twins last week that he thought was a hit, and the official scorer has since changed his call.

Official scorer Bob Ellis reviewed the play and awarded Ortiz a hit on Monday. Big Papi was animated in showing his displeasure over the original decision during last week’s game, flashing Ellis a thumbs down while walking back to the dugout. Ortiz remained furious with the ruling after the game, despite the fact that his and Mike Napoli’s back-to-back home runs had just secured a dramatic Red Sox victory.

“People are supposed to have your back at home, and it never happens,” he said at the time. “It’s always like that. I’ve been here more than a decade and the scorekeepers here are always horrible. This is home, man.”

MLB executive vice president Joe Torre later issued a statement condemning Ortiz’s antics. Papi, who had another error changed to a hit after making a fuss earlier this season, apologized to Major League Baseball, Torre and the scorekeepers on Monday.

“All I have to say is I know I owe an apology to MLB, Mr. Joe Torre, even the scorekeeping guys,” he said. “I know that I had frustration come out that way, and that’s not what you really want. You don’t want things to be like that and everything.

“But this has been a season already that has been jam-packed with frustration. At the end of the day, our job is based on results. I sit down and watch that TV every night after the game and I go 0-for-4, and all people talk and bitch about is why I’m not hitting .300. … There’s a lot of people mad at me because I argued something that I didn’t think I should get. I don’t blame them. I’m not apologizing just because I got that result. It’s because the message was spread out based on frustration. That’s why I’m apologizing.”

That was kind of an “I’m sorry that I’m not sorry” apology, but what do you expect? Big Papi isn’t going to change.