Ed Reed reportedly had $50,000 stolen from his car

Ed-Reed-JetsNew York Jets safety Ed Reed is reportedly missing a large chunk of cash. According to Click 2 Houston, Reed had $50,000 cash stolen out of his car earlier this week.

Reed reportedly went to a bank in Houston to withdraw $50,000 and had stopped off at a Bank of America down the street. When he left the money in the car, he returned to find his window had been smashed and the bag of money had been stolen from his front seat. Police believe he may have been followed.

Click 2 Houston added that it is unknown why Reed was in Houston. I don’t really know anything about having mass amounts of money in the bank, but perhaps Reed — who now plays in New York — was withdrawing his money from banks in Houston since he is no longer with the Texans. You have to wonder if it was someone he knows that was aware of his plan and stole the money.

Yes, I know I’m not a detective. It’s still fun to pretend.

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Ed Reed blasts media for saying he isn’t playing well

Ed-Reed-JetsEd Reed has lost a step and is clearly nearing the end of his career. Or, maybe I’m just a stupid blogger who thinks I know more about football than I actually do. That’s basically the message the New York Jets defensive back sent earlier this week.

Reed has heard plenty of stories about how he looks slow this season and is incapable of covering speedy receivers. On Friday, he decided he had heard enough.

“This is football, man,” the 35-year-old said, via Jane McManus of ESPNNewYork.com. “We in this locker room been playing football for a long time. Nobody’s perfect out here on the football field. You guys’ job is to critique, be critics; that’s what you do. That’s why you ask the controversial question, try to make it controversial. Then you trash people in the media. I could care less about that. Missed tackles happen.”

Reed scoffed at the notion that he is responsible for some of New York’s losses this season.

“Even reading you guys’ blogs, reading your comments, knowing half [of you] don’t know as much about football as you think, unless you come in the film room,” he said. “Don’t even know the schematic part, you can ask the question, but that don’t mean you’re an expert at what we do.

“It’s funny to me, reading it. Smile at it, laugh at it. But that’s your job. Some of your jobs you take it and tear people down, try to tear the team down. [You don’t] understand that it’s a team, and you’d rather point the finger at one individual.“

Losing is certainly a team effort, but that doesn’t mean Ed Reed is the same Ed Reed he used to be. The former Pro Bowler did admit that this season has been a “long year” and “not what I expected.” Plenty of things have gone wrong for the Jets that aren’t Reed’s responsibility. That being said, he seems to be struggling with the fact that his signing has not helped the team and everyone knows it. Getting old sucks.

Ed Reed wants Fireman Ed back to get the stadium crunked

Fireman EdEd Reed wasn’t exactly keeping up with affairs around the NFL while he was busy playing last season for the Baltimore Ravens, so he missed the whole thing about Fireman Ed stepping down from his unofficial post as the New York Jets’ lead fan. Now that Reed is a member of the Jets, he’s disappointed Fireman Ed isn’t around.

“That guy with the hard hat on. Is he still here? What’s his name, Fireman Ed? I need him getting the whole stadium crunked,” Reed said Wednesday, via Seth Walder of the New York Daily News.

He retired? I can’t believe it. We need to bring him out of retirement.”

Sorry, Ed, but Fireman Ed won’t be around Sunday when your Jets host the Miami Dolphins. Maybe you could lob a call to him and see if he can show up. I bet if you give him VIP sideline access away from the rest of the rowdy fans, he’d be down for a return.

But how funny is it for Reed to term it a retirement? How can you retire from a self-appointed, unofficial position?

Ed Reed, Antonio Cromartie offering $20,000 reward for turnovers?

Ed-Reed-TexansThe New York Jets have done a poor job of creating turnovers this season. Rex Ryan’s typically ferocious defensive scheme has come away with just seven takeaways, which is tied for last in the league with the San Diego Chargers. Ed Reed is supposed to help remedy that issue. Are the Jets using $20,000 rewards as well?

On Thursday, Reed and fellow defensive back Antonio Cromartie were seen strutting around the locker room in shirts that said “WANTED: In the air or on the ground. $20,000.” Here is what the shirts look like:

Naturally, reporters wanted to know if this was the Jets’ way of saying they have some sort of bounty system in place for turnovers. Reed got understandably defensive when asked about it.

“No, I’m not offering 20 grand for a turnover,” the 35-year-old said, via ESPNNewYork.com. “I like how you tried to work that. It’s a shirt, man. I like how you did that. It’s funny how you guys twist our words.”

The Jets are obviously trying to send some sort of message, though that doesn’t mean they’re actually paying players for turnovers. And if they were, that doesn’t mean players are being paid to injure opponents. There’s a difference between cash rewards and bounties. The issue with rewarding players for turnovers would have to do with salary cap violations, so the players would be wise not to admit it even if that is what they’re doing.

In any event, we get the point. The Jets’ defense has held its own by ranking first in the league against the run, but they need to take the ball away more.

Ed Reed: Wade Phillips is probably reason I’m no longer with Houston Texans

Ed-Reed-TexansEd Reed signed a three-year contract with the Houston Texans this past offseason and ended up playing just seven games for the franchise. Reed was benched toward the end of his tenure in Houston, leading many to believe the 35-year-old is simply no longer physically capable of producing. The New York Jets obviously disagreed.

Reed, who has been reunited with former Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan, spoke to reporters on Wednesday about what went wrong during his short time in Houston. He basically blamed the defensive scheme. More specifically, Reed said Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips wanted him gone.

“In hindsight he’s probably the reason I’m not there,” Reed said of Phillips, via Aaron Wilson of The Baltimore Sun. “He came in (the day I was cut) and basically just made sure I was leaving.”

In addition to claiming Phillips was the reason his tenure in Houston was a failure, Reed also questioned whether the scheme is a good fit for a lot of players who are still with the team.

“I don’t even know how to describe it. It was some interesting stuff I experienced with a different organization,” he said. “That defense is not a good fit for a lot of people, not just me. The truth is the truth. You got to look at the playcalling and put your players in position to make plays. That defense was not a good fit for a lot of people that are still there.”

Reed, who wears No. 22 with the Jets, also said he wishes he never wore No. 20 for any team but the Ravens.

Even if Reed is telling the truth, blaming Phillips and the defensive system isn’t a good look for him. Phillips has been the Texans’ defensive coordinator since 2011, so Reed should have done enough research to know if Houston was the right fit. In reality, he was looking to sign with the contender that gave him the most money. It simply failed to work out.

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Ed Reed signs with New York Jets

Less than 48 hours after he was released by the Houston Texans, veteran safety Ed Reed has signed a contract with the New York Jets. The Jets announced the move via their Twitter account on Thursday morning.

Ed-Reed-TexansSpeculation began building on Wednesday that Reed could sign with a team in the AFC East, with the Jets and New England Patriots considered to be the two likely landing spots. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have long been admirers of Reed and have publicly praised the 35-year-old’s ball skills on multiple occasions, but signing with New York gives Reed a chance to reunite with Rex Ryan.

Ryan was the Baltimore Ravens’ defensive coordinator before he became the head coach of the Jets. He coached Reed during the former Miami star’s prime, when he was obviously a much different player than he is now. Still, the Jets are in need of secondary help and lack a true free safety. Ryan still uses a similar defensive scheme to the one he used in Baltimore, so the transition should be seamless.


Jim Irsay has enormous plans for Ed Reed if he signs with Indianapolis Colts

Ed Reed TexansThe Houston Texans released Ed Reed on Tuesday and we have still yet to hear any indication as to where the veteran safety may end up. Reed is 35 and battled injuries during the offseason, but there are plenty of teams who are in need of assistance in their defensive backfield. Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay may have even bigger plans for the future Hall of Famer.

On Wednesday morning, Irsay took to Twitter to ask Colts fans their opinion on potentially bringing Reed to Indy. The eccentric boss seems to have confused Reed with someone like Tavon Austin or Percy Harvin.

We’d love to just chalk this up to a lousy joke, but we know better with Irsay. He’s probably serious. This isn’t the guy you’re going to use to replace Reggie Wayne, Jim.

Hey, at least he wasn’t blasting someone on Twitter this time around. He’s been known to do that, too.