Kevin Durant Regrets Not Playing Harder Against USC

Woa! Slow down their Randy Moss. Listen to what Texas superstar Kevin Durant said after Texas’ loss to USC in the 2nd round of the tournament on Sunday. Mind you, the stud scored 30 points. Click here for the sound.

Yes, Kevin Durant said:

Like Coach [Barnes] said, it left a sour taste in my mouth for me ending the season like this.  I kind of regret not playing as hard as I could today and throughout the whole season.  But like Coach [Barnes] said we did some good things this year but it’s always tough to lose like this.

While Durant was more explicit answering questions about his future, he left a lot of ambiguity with the aforementioned comment.

Was he really serious in saying he wasn’t trying his hardest against USC and during the season?  Was he really coasting?  Is he capable of dedicating himself to the game more?


Did he completely misspeak?  Did he mean he wishes he could have done more to help Texas win against USC and during the regular season?  Did he mean he regrets that the team couldn’t have gone farther in the tournament?

To think, against Texas Tech he could’ve gone 50 and 30.


Kevin Durant Comments After Loss To USC

press play below to hear what Kevin Durant said after Texas' loss to USC in the 2nd round of the tournament. He was asked what he was feeling

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Siren Game: Kevin Durant

We live in a sports world of hype and hoopla.  It’s a world where magazine covers, shoe deals, and sponsors reign supreme.  Six foot six year olds are scouted, thirteen year olds with thirty foot jumpers are tracked, and rubes with ridiculous range are recruited.  In this world of scouting preps - dudes are dubbed saviors and heroes before they’ve even set foot on a collegiate floor. 

Again, consider this sports world we live in and then ask yourself how do we distinguish one player from another.  Who’s to know which of these sparkplugs will turn out to be “the man?”  Who’s to tell which players will live up to the hype? 

While it’s a process difficult to discern, there are certain individual performances by a player that stand out like a siren.  It’s games when Vince Young runs for 200 yards and 3 touchdowns, throws for 267 yards, and single-handedly leads Texas to a national title victory over a USC team widely considered to be one of the greatest ever, that I’m talking about.  It’s games when LeBron James leads his St. Vincent-St. Mary’s high school team to a 78-52 win over national power Westchester High in Los Angeles by equaling the opposing team’s point total with a career high 52 that alert us. 

Those are the types of games, the Siren Games that I am talking about – when a siren goes off to alert you that this guy is the real deal thus affirming the existence of the hype.   

photo courtesy Scout.com

In case you missed it, Kevin Durant had a Siren Game last night.  Durant scored 37 points and grabbed 23 rebounds for Texas – against a real school, Texas Tech – becoming the first Longhorn and second Big 12 player to join the 30-20 club.  In case you missed it, Durant has scored 30 or more in 5 of his last 8 games.  In case you missed it, he has 13 double-doubles, tying him for most ever in the Big 12 (with 9 regular season games to go).  Both coaches were impressed with Durant following the game:

Texas Tech coach Bob Knight said, “what more does he have to do.”

Texas coach Rick Barnes said, “He’s a once in a lifetime guy. He’s special, and we’re lucky that we have him.”

The best part about the whole night was Kevin Durant’s comments after the game:

“I really wasn’t worried about my stats or my rebounds or points. I just wanted to win.”

And, from the Austin-Statesman,

“I could have played a little better, I missed some easy shots. I missed some free throws (three).”

And that my friends is why he will be a successful player.   

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