Steve Kerr reportedly wants to hire Luke Walton as assistant coach

Luke WaltonLuke Walton could be leaving his chair as a Lakers analyst to join the sidelines of one of their rivals.

Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Steve Kerr is talking with Walton about hiring him as an assistant coach.

Kerr was hired by the Golden State Warriors as their new head coach about six weeks ago and is looking to assemble his staff. He’s already hired Alvin Gentry from the Clippers to be one of his assistants.

Walton played college ball at Arizona and spent nearly his entire career with the Lakers. He was with the Lakers from 2003-2012 and the Cavs in 2012-2013. He served as a Lakers analyst for Time Warner Cable last season.

Walton was regarded as a smart player who had a high basketball IQ. Phil Jackson even wanted to speak with him about a potential coaching position after taking over as Knicks president.

Luke Walton Joining Memphis as Assistant Coach During Lockout

Luke Walton is 31 years old and still has two years left on his NBA contract, but that hasn’t stopped him from working on a potential career after his playing days are over. Walton is joining the Memphis Tigers basketball program as an assistant coach, pending approval by the Tennessee Board of Regents.

Walton will be the third assistant coach on the Memphis staff and he’ll hold the position until the NBA lockout ends. He’ll join former Arizona teammate Josh Pastner, who is the team’s head coach, and serve on the staff along with former Wildcats Damon Stoudamire and Jack Murphy.

In a statement announcing the hire, Pastner said “Luke will be a great coach because he brings a wealth of knowledge and a winning attitude to the Tigers program. His experiences, which include playing in four NBA Finals and winning two NBA World Championships, are lessons that he can share with our players to help them grow and develop their games.”

Walton now joins Kevin Durant and Anthony Randolph as someone with unusual, yet awesome lockout plans. It’s hard to know if this is a role where Walton will be successful considering his lack of experience, but you have to figure it’s a precursor to a future coaching career.

And Now for Some NBAers ‘Living Lighter’ on a Vacation Cruise

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These guys seem to be having a great time, wouldn’t you agree? Included in the above photo are NBA players Richard Jefferson, Kareem Rush, and Luke Walton. What were they all doing? Enjoying themselves, I guess. Apparently the six friends took a vacation cruise together.  Their girlfriends may or may not have been present, not that there would be anything wrong with that one way or the other.  The activities they participated in included riding a four-person inflatable banana boat, as you can see in the image below.  Here are some more pictures of Luke Walton, Richard Jefferson and company’s bromance vacation, courtesy of Sports by Brooks:


Hangin’ Out: R-Jeff, Luke Walton, K-Rush, Kroenke [SPORTS by BROOKS]

Jason Kapono & Luke Walton Are Rich

I can’t even believe that I’m writing this. I remember watching them both play in college. Kapono was nice enough, and he was a star as a freshman. He was quite the sensation actually. But then his entire career went downhill after Steve Lavin took over as coach. He was immediately forgotten, drafted by the Cavs in relative obscurity, and left to rot away on the Cleveland bench. He even got off one of the greatest quotes in the history of the draft, saying he should have moved to Europe, grown a beard, and changed his name to Kaponovich. Then last year he gets revived with D-Wade hurt, and he becomes a scoring option. Next thing you know, he’s leading the NBA in 3pt percentage. And now, he’ll be getting paid $20 million for his talent. Amazing. Not that bad given current NBA salaries, but still absurd when you think about it. Good for Jason (and Ashley!).

Then there’s Luke Walton. Who as a freshman did not belong on the University of Arizona team. He was painfully slow on the court, unable to pick up the pace of the Pac-10 game. He had no business being on the floor with the likes of teammate Gilbert Arenas. But he eventually grew, developed, became a pretty good passer, and all-around good teammate. Now, years later, those talents are worth $30 million. That too, is an absurd amount of money.

I would like you to take a step back at this point and think about the amounts of money these two men are set to make. Then, think about what you do for a living and how hard you work at it. And think about how much you make. Then think about $24 and $30 million contracts. Yeah, makes you feel pretty crappy huh. All for Jason Kapono and Luke Walton. That is insane.