Chicago Cubs fighting to put a stop to unauthorized ‘Billy Cub’ mascot

Billy-CubIf you asked Chicago Cubs fans who the team’s official mascot is, some of them would tell you it is “Billy Cub.” Since 2007, John Paul Weier has been climbing into his bear suit and interacting with fans outside Wrigley Field on game day. Now, the Cubs want him to go away.

Weier NBC 5 Chicago on Thursday that he recently received a 120-page cease and desist letter from Major League Baseball claiming he has been infringing on trademarks. The letter ordered him to stop engaging in “unabated Mascot Activities” and claimed that one of the Billys (Weier has recruited others to wear the costume) has been racially abusive toward fans.

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Arizona Diamondbacks introduce Luchador team mascot


The Arizona Diamondbacks have introduced a new mascot. As a result, fans walking around Chase Field will have to keep their heads on a swivel so they don’t get a flying elbow from the top rope.

Introducing the D-Backs Luchador.

This as about as intense as it gets in the mascot game. I doubt Wally the Green Monster or Raymond the Tampa Bay Rays mascot can bench press 300 pounds or crush beer cans on their abs. The D-Backs Luchador made his first appearance earlier this season and was immediately taken to by fans, so the team decided to make him the official mascot. Arizona has even announced it will give away Luchador masks to the first 20,000 fans who arrive at the ballpark on July 27.

In the event of a mascot war over the remaining few months of the season, I know who I’m putting my money on.

Milwaukee Brewers’ Italian sausage costume is missing after someone stole it and went barhopping in it

Racing Sausages

The Italian sausage costume used for the sausage race during Milwaukee Brewers home games is missing, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. Though this seems like a story straight from “The Onion,” it’s actually true.

According to the Journal Sentinel, someone stole the Klement’s Racing Italian Sausage costume from the city’s Winter Festival and wore it out to go barhopping in Cedarburg, Wis. The costume was just lying in back room unused and a witness reportedly saw someone walk out while wearing it on Feb. 16.

Whoever stole the costume reportedly hit up two different Cedarburg bars with it on that night.

Mustard Girl All American Mustards has offered a year’s supply of mustard to whomever returns the costume.

The Italian Sausage, Bratwurst, Polish Sausage, and Chorizo all compete in the “Sausage Race” during Brewers home games. The costumes, which cost $3,000, are also available for rent.

So you’re telling me someone got to take that awesome costume barhopping and will get a year’s supply of mustard for returning it? Sign me up.

UPDATE: Two people dropped the costume off at the Cedarburg bar in a covert operation.

Forearm bash to Hardball Talk
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Russell Westbrook refuses to let Nuggets mascot hit half-court shot (Video)

Russell-Westbrook-Nuggets-mascotThe Oklahoma City Thunder were locked into an incredibly close game with the Denver Nuggets on Sunday night, but that didn’t stop Russell Westbrook from taking some time during the fourth quarter to harass the Nuggets mascot.

The mascot, who is known as Rocky, was attempting a couple of backwards over-the-head shots from half court when Westbrook decided that the shots were not going to fall on his watch. According to Eye on Basketball, one of Rocky’s attempts would have even won the crowd a free snack if he hit it. Westbrook jumped up and goaltended it anyway.

Apparently Westbrook just felt that he could do whatever he wanted and no one could stop him. That seemed to be true throughout his 36-point night in which he hit a clutch three-pointer to help send the game to overtime, so why not carry it into commercial breaks as well? Denver won the game in overtime, but thanks to Westbrook their fans missed out on the potential of free queso.

Maybe Rocky should just stick to Tebowing. No one can stop him from doing that.

Oregon Duck mascot loses head skydiving (Video)

The Oregon Duck mascot lost its head during a skydiving stunt on Friday.

ESPN’s “GameDay” show is in Oregon this weekend for the Stanford-Oregon game, and they decided to arrange a skydiving stunt. According to KVAL, GameDay had Eugene Skydivers perform an exhibition skydive that included the Oregon Duck mascot — Puddles.

The person in the Ducks mascot costume lost the head and feet during the jump. ESPN GameDay host Chris Fowler tweeted about the incident, saying that the mascot head had been lost. Luckily it turned up less than a half-hour later.

Now all we have to worry about is weather the Duck and Stanford Tree will fight each other like they talked about two years ago. Based on this video, my money would be on the Duck.

Image via KVAL
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Former mascot Trent Bauer leads high school football team to comeback victory

In Kentucky, mascots are more than just people dressed in animal suits that entertain an audience. They’re heros. When Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School opened its football season earlier this year, junior Trent Bauer served as the teams Bulldog mascot. He began wearing the costume last winter during basketball season, and his duties carried over into the fall. Last Thursday, Bauer led the Bulldogs to a 21-19 comeback victory as the team’s quarterback.

Wearing jersey No. 12, Bauer threw two fourth-quarter touchdown passes to lead Dunbar to an upset win over Henry Clay — a team that had beaten Dunbar 11 straight times.

“It’s amazing,” Bauer told The Lexington Herald-Leader. “I didn’t think this would ever happen in my lifetime.”

Bauer connected with receiver Emory Thompson for a game-winning 50-yard touchdown with only eight seconds remaining. Thompson had previously been the team’s quarterback out of necessity, but his natural position is wide receiver.

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Potomac Nationals’ mascot placed on 60-day DL

The Potomac Nationals (Washington’s single-A affiliate) had a fire at their home stadium last week, and they’ve placed their mascot on the disabled list as a result. The team sent out this hilarious press release on Friday afternoon to announce the news about mascot “Uncle Slam”:

The Potomac Nationals have announced the following roster move:

Mascot Uncle Slam placed on 60-Day DL (retroactive to 7/4)

That currently puts the P-Nats at zero mascots which is under the Carolina League minimum of one mascot. Uncle Slam will miss the remainder of the season due to the fire at the Pfitz and is recovering but will be fully healthy for the 2013 season. Expect Uncle Slam in 2013 to be new and improved at the Pfitz with a brand new attitude!

With Potomac under the Carolina League minimum of one mascot, the P-Nats are looking for help from any team or organization that is willing to let Potomac adopt their mascot. Any mascot willing to sign on for a two-month contract with the Potomac Nationals will be handsomely rewarded with baseball bucks, Chilli’s Lemonade, Chick-Fil-A sandwiches and the chance to watch fireworks every Saturday night.

The press release goes on to provide contact information for the team in case anyone is willing to lend them a mascot. We wish them well in their search. And why is it that the Potomac Nats seem to have so many problems with their field?

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