Mike Zimmer on Johnny Manziel workout: ‘It was a sideshow’

Johnny ManzielThe pro day that Johnny Manziel held on Thursday in Texas was unlike anything we have ever seen before from an NFL Draft prospect. For starters, people like George H.W. Bush were in attendance. Then there was the fact that Manziel courageously chose to wear a helmet and pads while throwing for scouts and coaches.

Manziel was extremely sharp and made almost every one of his throws with pinpoint accuracy. Despite that, Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer was turned off by the red carpet feel of the event.

“The huddles and the different things and the music. The sideshow stuff,” Zimmer said, via the Houston Chronicle. “It was a sideshow.

Zimmer was unimpressed with the way the event felt “choreographed,” as he put it.

“It was a different workout,” he said. “It’s the first time I’ve ever seen it. This one was a little different in how it was choreographed. People like that or they don’t like that, I don’t know.”

Obviously, Zimmer didn’t like it. Others like Jacksonville Jaguars coach Gus Bradley thought it spoke to Manziel’s ability to be able to perform under pressure.

“The atmosphere and everything that was involved and then to come out and perform like he did, that was great,” Bradley said. “I think that’s no different than how he’s performed all year, right? Perform under pressure. Felt like more of a pressurized environment with a lot of eyes watching him and he did a great job.”

Manziel tried to make a statement by choosing to throw in pads, and that statement was well-received by most. I understand why Zimmer didn’t appreciate the Drake music blaring and the pre-workout huddle, but he seems to be in the minority with his opinion. The Vikings have the No. 8 overall pick in the draft and they need a quarterback. Smokescreen, anybody?

Mike Zimmer may lead all NFL coaches in cursing (Video)

Mike Zimmer VikingsMike Zimmer was introduced on Friday as the newest head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. After spending the last 14 years as a defensive coordinator, his hiring as a head coach was long overdue.

Zimmer was the defensive coordinator of the Cincinnati Bengals from 2008-2013 and regularly had them as one of the tougher units in the league. His teams were in the top nine of the league in points allowed per game in four of his six seasons in Cincinnati. He’s a very good defensive coach and his players respect him.

In addition to leading a good defense, one thing we can expect from Zimmer is for him to also lead the league in cursing. Zimmer first came on our radar in 2010 when he obliterated Bobby Petrino for the way the current Louisville coach ditched the Atlanta Falcons in the middle of the 2007 season. Zimmer was the defensive coordinator on that team and called Petrino “cowardly” and a “gutless (bleep)” for his actions. Zimmer said he didn’t care if newspapers printed the quotes.

That’s just a taste of Zimmer. For more of who he is, watch this video below from the preseason when the Bengals were on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” program. The language is obviously NSFW. His rant to his defense contains three bulls— drops and three f-bombs by our count:

Man, Zimmer is going to be a gem in Minnesota. He says his team is going to be physical and play hard, and I believe him. Now let’s go eat a g-ddamn snack!

Mike Zimmer on Bobby Petrino: He Is a Gutless Coward

It’s good to know that a coach can’t just walk out on his team and players in an embarrassingly unprofessional act and have everyone forget about it. We certainly won’t, and I’m sure Alge Crumpler hasn’t either. Count current Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer as someone who won’t ever let go what the slimeball Petrino did.

In case you don’t remember, Bobby Petrino used to be the coach at Louisville from 2003-2006 and he did extremely well. He became the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons for the 2007 season, the year Michael Vick wound up going to jail. With Joey Harrington as the team’s starting quarterback, you knew Petrino would be line for a tough season. The team went 3-10 and he quit mid-season, leaving a note in the locker room for the players that he was taking the Arkansas job. Yeah, class act I know.

So what does Mike Zimmer, who was the Falcons’ defensive coordinator at the time say about Petrino? Well, it’s nothing positive:

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