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Friday, November 27, 2015

Articles tagged: Missouri Football

SEC Website Mistakenly Publishes Story About Missouri Joining Conference

There has been plenty of speculation about Missouri joining the SEC, and an article posted on the SEC’s website Thursday indicated the move is forthcoming. At some point Thursday, a link appeared live on that announced Missouri had joined the conference. If you click on any of the links now, they will tell you…Read More

Worst College Football Season Is Finally Over

Thank goodness — I’m out of my misery. As I declared two-thirds of the way into this hideous mess, we were witnessing the worst college football season ever. I have no doubts. The fact that we have a two-loss national championship team is a joke. I’m not buying it. The fact that no team was…Read More

Kansas vs. Missouri for the National Title Game?

There are some things in college football I just can’t get down with. This would be one of them. When it comes to the national title picture, I’m a snob; I want to see big-time programs and dominant teams. I don’t like seeing teams luck out because their conference was weak and they played an…Read More

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