Nike Unveils Oregon’s Rose Bowl Uniforms (Pictures)

When it comes to cutting edge uniforms, we all know the Oregon Ducks are at the top of the food chain. For that reason, it comes as no surprise that the fine folks at Nike have decided to go all out for Oregon’s upcoming Rose Bowl appearance against Wisconsin. Wisconsin is no stranger to opponents breaking out new uniforms against them, but unlike the ones Ohio State wore earlier in the season Oregon’s are pretty boss.  Check out these pictures that are currently featured on Nike’s website:

Oregon has a tendency to overdo it with the countless helmets, jerseys, and accessories Nike provides them with, but I’m actually a big fan of these.  They aren’t exactly as high up on my list as the Mighty Ducks style throwback jerseys were, but they definitely work.  One word for the helmets: badass.  Here are some more pictures from NikeInc.com.


H/T to Eye on College Football for the pictures.

Study Says When Oregon Football Team is Winning, Male Students’ Grades Suffer

Stop what you’re doing, Oregon. This madness that has resulted in top-notch play from the Oregon Ducks and given the school three straight Pac 10 championships has to end. Why? Because it may be compromising classroom productivity. According to Tampa Bay Online, a recent study done by economists at Oregon University examined the football seasons from 1999-2007. They concluded that when the Ducks were winning during those years, students celebrated more and their grades were lower on average than when the team was doing poorly.

“They drink more when the team wins, they party more when the teams wins, and they study less when the team wins,” professor Jason Lindo explained.

Well, duh. The study found that three extra wins for the Oregon football team in any given year was accompanied by a significant drop in male GPAs.  The drop, they say, could be compared to the students having scored 27 points lower on their SAT exams.  Female students’ grades held up better during the successful seasons.  There was also an 8 percent increase in the gap between male and female GPAs during the seasons in which the Ducks won three extra games above their below-average 5-6 season in 2004.

The three professors who conducted the study looked at a sample size of 30,000 non-athlete students.  Of that sample, 24 percent of the male population said they “probably” or “definitely” decreased study time when the team was doing well as compared to only 9 percent of women. Almost half of the men admitted they increased partying compared to only 28 percent of women.

Normally I would chalk something like this up to pure coincidence, but in this case did we really need a study to tell us that students don’t work as hard when an athletic team is playing well? Do you think anyone was doing homework during the Final Four — or any NCAA tournament for that matter — when I was at UConn?  Let’s not blame college athletics for taking away from college academics. People like sports. That’s all there is to it.

Oregon to Wear Throwback Jerseys with Cartoon Ducks (Picture)

The Oregon football team changes its jerseys a lot more frequently than I change my socks and underwear, so news about them unveiling a new jersey is never really news. The Ducks have rocked countless designs over the past few years, including these military-themed jerseys.  Now, Oregon is going old school and to someone like me their throwback jersey looks a little familiar.

You certainly won’t find these on our list of the worst throwback jerseys ever, but if Oregon was going to go Charlie Conway and Gordon Bombay they should have just gone all out.  Personally I find the cartoon duck to be a nice touch.  I would rather see that than what Notre Dame, Michigan, and their officials were wearing a few weeks ago.  The only question is will they try to win one for Hans.

Chest bump to Sports Grid for the picture.

Oregon Cheerleaders Unveil Pro Combat Outfits (Pictures)

I don’t know what all the hype is for surrounding this combat look in college football, but I can tell you until now I was not the biggest fan. For some reason, I now have an appreciation for the design. It’s the strangest thing: When Miami debuted their Nike Pro Combat uniforms against Virginia Tech last season, I was unmoved.  Something came over me on Tuesday.

Perhaps it was the University of Oregon’s decision to issue Pro Combat uniforms to their cheerleading squad?  It’s possible, but at this point I really can’t be sure. Check out these Oregon cheerleaders pro combat uniform pictures — not that they necessarily have anything to do with my change of heart.

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Oregon Will Wear Hideous Camouflage Military Uniforms for Spring Practice

When it comes to ugly uniforms, the University of Oregon pretty much has copyright on the subject. Please tell me you remember these ugly shrouds they unveiled in 2008. Well it looks like Oregon has outdone themselves. Check out the uniform they plan to wear for the football team’s spring game later in the month:

Those look like soccer style uniforms with more patches than a NASCAR driver’s fire suit on Sunday. Those things are fugly. I wouldn’t give them away to the Goodwill they’re so bad. Homeless people on the streets would turn em down. Yeesh. Please tell me they’re not planning to actually wear those.

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Thanks to Oregon enthusiast Dan Rubenstein of Solid Verbal for the picture

Willie Lyles’ Patrick Peterson Recruiting Report Only Makes Oregon Look Worse

A report published Wednesday evening alleges that Willie Lyles told a Texas A&M coach in 2007 that he had to pay at least $80,000 to land Patrick Peterson who was one of the top rated defensive backs coming out of high school. Peterson became a star at LSU and is considered to be a likely top-five pick in the NFL draft, but this story is less about him and more about Willie Lyles.

Lyles’ name should be familiar to you because he’s the proprietor of Complete Scouting Services, a recruiting service that was paid $25,000 by Oregon a few weeks after highly touted running back prospect Lache Seastrunk committed to the school. The amount of money Oregon paid for the services renders seemed absurdly high and like something that should not have cost more than $5,000. Many people suspected that the $25,000 to Lyles’ company was a way of disguising a payment issued to the trainer for helping to steer Seastrunk to Eugene.

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Oregon Paid $25,000 to Willie Lyles for Scouting Services, Appears Guilty

If you look back at programs that lacked tradition but gained instant success in collegiate athletics, you’ll often find a trace of violations committed during recruitment. Just look at Baylor and Tennessee basketball recently — neither program had success, yet both have done well the last few years, and both programs also have been involved in recruiting violations. Oregon is in a similar spot in football — they’ve enjoyed some success over the years, but they’ve never been a consistent national power until the last two years. They’ve also never really been a program that could pry top-level recruits on a national level. But lately they’ve been able to do it, and the recent investigation of the school’s relationship with Willie Lyles leaves a trail indicating why that may have been possible.

Yahoo! Sports reported that Oregon had paid Lyles’ Houston-based Complete Scouting Services $25,000 a few weeks after highly-touted Texas running back recruit Lache Seastrunk (pronounced Lake) signed with the school. Though it’s completely ordinary for schools like Oregon to pay national scouting services for video and contact information of players, it usually doesn’t cost more than $5,000 or so. A $25,000 payment seems exorbitant, and it looks like the scouting service Lyles was a part of is a business front for steering players to the school.

Now here’s the kicker from The Oregonian as pointed out by Sports by Brooks “if you ask [football coach Chip] Kelly what was provided he’ll tell you the Ducks received contact information for players — ‘names and phone numbers.'”

That doesn’t really match up with what was listed on the invoice regarding services rendered by Lyles’ scouting service:

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