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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Articles tagged: Philip Rivers

Antonio Gates: Philip Rivers injury comments taken out of context

Antonio Gates spent some time on Monday doing laughable damage control following his revelation that teammate Philip Rivers is playing through a rib injury. The San Diego Chargers beat the Oakland Raiders 13-6 on Sunday to snap a three-game losing streak, but it was the fourth straight game the team’s offense did not look very…Read More

Philip Rivers fumes over bad play call (Video)

Philip Rivers is one fiery guy, and you definitely don’t want to tick him off during a game. Rivers’ Chargers had a hard time moving the ball in the first quarter of their Thursday night game against the Broncos and the quarterback was particularly irked with a second down call that led to a rush…Read More

Robert Ayers mocks Philip Rivers (GIF)

Denver Broncos defensive end Robert Ayers decided to have some fun with Philip Rivers during the Broncos’ 24-17 win over the San Diego Chargers on Sunday. Philip Rivers had to call a timeout on the third play of the Chargers’ opening drive of the second half, leaving him extremely frustrated. As he stomped off the…Read More

Philip Rivers’ bolo tie was given to him by a fan

The bolo tie that Philip Rivers has been rocking over the past several weeks has become a symbol of success for the 2013 San Diego Chargers. Rivers first wore the tie after his team’s Week 15 win over the Broncos in Denver. On Sunday, he was rocking a new bolo after beating the Cincinnati Bengals…Read More

Philip Rivers’ bolo tie is a good luck charm for Chargers

If you saw what Philip Rivers was wearing to Paul Brown Stadium before the San Diego Chargers-Cincinnati Bengals playoff game on Sunday, there’s no way you would have picked anyone other than the Chargers to win the game. Rivers rocked his bolo tie to the game and proudly wore it after the team’s 27-10 victory….Read More

Philip Rivers rocks rattlesnake cowboy boots during postgame interview

Philip Rivers is pretty much as country as they come. It must have taken the Alabama boy some serious adjusting when he first started playing for the San Diego Chargers. The rattlesnake cowboy boots he wore after Thursday night’s win over the Denver Broncos would seem to indicate he has yet to adjust completely. Rivers…Read More

Philip Rivers hints Chargers were offended by Colts-Broncos hype

The San Diego Chargers surprised many people by beating the Indianapolis Colts 19-9 on Monday Night Football. The Colts were coming off three straight wins, including impressive victories over the 49ers and Seahawks. The Chargers, meanwhile, had just lost to the Raiders. But they looked extra motivated on Monday, possibly because they felt disrespected. Quarterback…Read More

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