Seahawks violations reportedly stemmed from Richard Sherman practice fight

Richard-Sherman-practice-fightThe Seattle Seahawks and coach Pete Carroll were fined a total of $300,000 by the NFL on Tuesday and forced to give up two minicamp practices in 2015. The punishment stemmed from a violation of the no-contact rules that are in place for certain offseason workouts. The question now is how the Seahawks got caught.

Remember the fight that broke out involving Richard Sherman during Seattle’s practice back in June? Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that the NFLPA began investigating after TV footage showed the altercation. The NFLPA asked the Seahawks to turn over all video of their offseason practices for review.

The fight that Sherman was at the center of started when wide receiver Bryan Walters made a diving catch on the sideline and injured his shoulder. Several offensive players felt that safety Earl Thomas made too much contact with Walters and caused him to lose his balance.

The NFLPA concluded that the practice where the fight broke out was “way too aggressive” and that coaches were “coaching contact.” After reviewing the footage, the league apparently agreed and handed out the punishment.

I’m sure Carroll and the Seahawks aren’t the only ones doing this, but the situation is a reminder that someone is always watching with the technology we have available these days. Even a seemingly minor dust-up can lead to much larger problems.

Richard Sherman: Fantasy football is reason for illegal contact emphasis

richard-sherman-cancer-adIf you have watched any NFL preseason action, you know that the league is placing an emphasis on illegal contact and defensive holding this year. There have been a ton of defensive holding calls over the past few weeks, sometimes to the point where the games have been painful to watch. Richard Sherman thinks fantasy football is the reason for that.

During a chat with NBC’s Josh Elliott that aired on Sunday Night Football, Sherman was asked for his thoughts on what many have deemed the new NFL.

“You know, when the fantasy football numbers need to be what they need to be, the league needs to do what it needs to do to get it done,” he said. “This is a money-driven league. Whatever sells the tickets is gonna sell the tickets.”

But, of course, Sherman isn’t worried about how it will affect him on a personal level.

“I don’t think it affects our game at all,” he said. “If you look at the statistics, the way the preseason is going, it’s rarely ever affected us in a game.”

There is a common belief that the Seahawks are actually the reason the NFL told officials to start emphasizing illegal contact. Seattle’s dominant, but physical, play on defense resulted in a 43-8 victory over the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl — the third largest margin of victory in Super Bowl history. The NFL would have liked a much closer game.

The NFL also wants to see more scoring, and fantasy football is one of the reasons for that. Heck, there’s a fantasy football lounge at the San Francisco 49ers’ new stadium. In many ways, Sherman is right. The officials will likely ease up a bit when the regular season starts, but they’re clearly going to favor the receiver more than they have in the past.

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Patrick Peterson on Richard Sherman trash talk: I don’t know if he’s having fun with it

Patrick PetersonThe trash talk between Patrick Peterson and Richard Sherman continued after Peterson announced on Twitter Tuesday that he signed a new big-money deal with the Arizona Cardinals.

The whole thing between the two cornerbacks started in May when Peterson said he felt he was worth more than Sherman, who had just signed a new deal to become the highest-paid corner in the league. Peterson took it a step further by saying Sherman has it easier because of his system. Sherman responded by playing the numbers game — he shared stats that showed he was the top cornerback in the league last season.

The zingers continued Tuesday after Sherman retweeted something that could be considered a shot at Peterson, and Peterson responded. Now Peterson says there is no beef between them and they’re just playing around.

“I don’t know how he feels about but I think it’s just fun, healthy competition,” Peterson said in an interview with ESPN Wednesday. “I’m having fun with it. Sometimes it seems like he’s a little salty about it. But it is what it is. I don’t have any problems with Richard. I don’t have any beef with him. I’m having fun. I don’t know if he’s having fun.”

Not only is Peterson having fun with things, but he also thinks the competition will make him better.

“I think it’s just going to make me take my game to the next level,” Peterson said. “Obviously, we had our exchanges over the last month or so — obviously he’s still exchanging words this morning. But like I said, it is what it is. “I have no harsh feelings toward Richard, I wish him the best of luck throughout his career, throughout his season. I guess it’ll be much-watch TV when we play Seattle.”

Oh, I’ve got news for you, Patrick, I’m positive Richard is having fun with the trash talk. What would Sherman’s life be if he weren’t getting into it with someone? That’s what he’s all about.

Richard Sherman takes jab at Patrick Peterson after Peterson’s extension

Patrick PetersonPatrick Peterson announced on Tuesday night that he has signed a five-year, $70 million contract extension with the Arizona Cardinals. This next piece of information may shock you — Richard Sherman did not congratulate him.

Peterson’s deal, which he says includes $48 million guaranteed, is one year longer than the four-year, $56 million extension Sherman signed and includes $8 million more in guaranteed money at the same average annual value. After Peterson’s deal was announced, Sherman had a pretty timely retweet.


Peterson then tweeted something that was clearly directed toward Sherman, and Sherman responded the only way he knows how.

We’re not surprised Sherman threw shade at Peterson, as Peterson tried to increase his leverage with the Cardinals by saying he is a better cornerback than Sherman and criticizing Sherman’s game. In reality, both are tremendous players who deserve to be paid at or near the top of their position. Just don’t expect either to admit that about his counterpart.

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Richard Sherman upset with Seattle media for publishing his new address

Richard-Sherman-SeahawksRichard Sherman loves to run his mouth, but the Seattle Seahawks cornerback may be doing less of that during the offseason. Or, we should say, he might make himself unavailable to the media more often than he typically would.

Last week, 1090 The Fan’s Steve Sandmeyer Show reported that Sherman has decided to boycott some of the local Seattle media after the address of his new $2.31 million home was published. Sherman said fans have been showing up at his house for autographs, and he blames the Seattle Times and seattlepi.com for publishing the details of his big purchase.

According to Pro Football Talk, Curtis Crabtree of KJR radio has followed up by noting that Sherman has not said anything about boycotting the entire local media. Rather, he is simply upset that the two aforementioned publications linked to a real estate website containing his new address.

The buying and selling of real estate is public information, so fans could have figured out where Sherman’s new house is even if the Seattle Times didn’t publish the information. Perhaps Sherman is angry that the paper made it so easy for fans to track him down.

Will the so-called “boycott” stick? Sherman can’t live without running his mouth and making headlines. We’re going to say no.

Richard Sherman at center of Seahawks practice fight (Video)

Richard-Sherman-practice-fightThe Seattle Seahawks had their first official offseason scuffle on Wednesday afternoon, and Richard Sherman was at the center of it. Given his competitive nature and the speed at which his jaw moves, no one should really be surprised.

According to Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times, tensions began to flare when wide receiver Bryan Walters injured his shoulder while making a diving catch on the sideline. Safety Earl Thomas was defending, and some of the offensive players felt that he made too much contact in what are supposed to be non-contact workouts.

Doug Baldwin reportedly had words with Thomas and Percy Harvin also appeared angry. On the next play, Sherman and wide receiver Phillip Bates got into it and before long everyone was involved. Pete Carroll called the team together after practice to chat about what had happened.

“It was just to keep focused,” linebacker Bobby Wagner said. “We let little things get out of hand a little bit, but it was just to remain focused and understand why we’re out here. We’re out here to get better. We did that. I feel like we got better.”

Stuff like this happens during training camp all the time. The Seahawks’ defense led the team to a championship last year with its physical play, so the idea of no contact at all must be difficult for the Legion of Boom to grasp. I’m sure everyone has already moved on.

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Richard Sherman wants Legion of Boom on Madden cover; fans petition

Madden 15 Seahawks

Richard Sherman last week won the right to be the next Madden Cover Curse victim. But the good thing about the humble Sherman is that he wants to share the right to be cursed with his entire defense.

OK, not entirely.

Sherman, despite being a loudmouth, really does want to share the spotlight with the rest of his Seattle Seahawks secondary and is trying to lobby EA Sports to put the entire “Legion of Boom” on the cover of the video game.

“I’ve been trying to get the Legion of Boom on the cover, and EA has been fighting me,” Sherman told reporters Monday at the Seahawks’ OTA per ESPN. “So if everybody wants to start a petition to get the Legion of Boom on the cover, here it is, here’s an open invitation.”

Sherman won the voting after beating out Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton in the finals. The 26-year-old cornerback says he “would never be in the position” to win such an honor if it weren’t for his defensive teammates, including safeties Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas. Brandon Browner used to be in the L.O.B., but he’s no longer with Seattle, so Byron Maxwell has the final spot.

Fans responded to Sherman’s comments and have even created a Change.org petition for the cause.

I think it would be pretty awesome of EA to allow Sherman to be on the cover along with the Legion of Boom, and I think it’s even cooler that that’s how Sherman wants it to be. He’s right about how much it’s a team defensive effort in Seattle rather than individual, so it’s nice that he wants to share the spotlight. He’ll be just the third defensive player to earn the cover, following Ray Lewis and Troy Polamalu. Polamalu shared the 2010 cover with Larry Fitzgerald.