Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen supported Isiah Thomas’ snub from 1992 Dream Team

According to the much-anticipated NBA TV documentary about the 1992 Dream Team that airs Wednesday night, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen backed the idea of Isiah Thomas being left off the roster for the famous gold medal-winning team in Barcelona.

“That was one of the stipulations put to me that Isiah wasn’t part of the team,” Jordan said in an interview part of the 90-minute film.

It had long been rumored that MJ played a part in his rival’s snub from the squad. And while Jordan’s comments more or less confirm those beliefs, Pippen provides additional anti-Isiah sentiment and sheds light on how there was more to their disdain for Isiah than simply just their heated Pistons-Bulls rivalry back then.

“I despised how he played the game,” Pippen said.

“Isiah was the general,” Pippen added about the Pistons’ rough, arguably dirty, style of play at the time. “He was the guy who would yap at his teammates and say, ‘Kick them on their [rear]. Do whatever you have to do.’ No, I didn’t want him on the Dream Team.”

According to NBA TV, Thomas declined to participate in the making of the doc. But while Jordan and Pippen’s contempt is given the coverage, other prominent members of the Dream Team, such as Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Charles Barkley, reportedly were not big fans of Thomas playing on the team, either. If that many guys did not want to be teammates with Isiah, and if Isiah actually did become a member of the squad, then we could probably be looking back at a completely different Dream Team lineup that I argue would have altered history.

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Karl Malone says he would start a team with Scottie Pippen over Michael Jordan

Has the Mailman lost his mind? In anticipation of the “Dream Team” documentary that is set to air on NBA TV Wednesday night, a few basketball Hall of Famers and members of the 1992 US men’s Olympic team appeared on the Dan Patrick Show Wednesday to discuss various topics. Karl Malone was one of the guests, and he was asked which member of the Dream Team he would take if he was starting his own team. I bet you couldn’t guess his answer if we gave you ten tries.

“I would have to start my team with Scottie Pippen,” Malone said according to CSNChicago.com. “This is why I would take Scottie: Do you remember the time that Michael retired? I watched Scottie Pippen when the Chicago Bulls weren’t really good and Scottie led that team in every statistical category, and I just remembered that. Plus, he’s a guy who could care less about scoring. He wants to stop the best player on the other team. That would have been pretty cool, to see Scottie guarding Michael.”

Do you remember that time Jordan won three championships, left the Bulls for season and came back and won three more? We do too. Do you remember those times M.J. won five NBA MVPs and 10 scoring titles? Us too.

I get that Pippen held down the fort when Jordan left and Malone was probably making a reference to how great of a teammate Pippen was, but we’re talking about Michael Jordan. Jordan probably wouldn’t have won six titles without Scottie. However when His Airness is a part of the discussion, nobody’s going to criticize you for giving the obvious response.

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Scottie Pippen: LeBron James May Be the Greatest Player Ever

UPDATE: Naturally, Scottie Pippen has backtracked a bit now that he realized how much attention his comments are getting. “Don’t get me wrong, MJ was and is the greatest,” Pippen said on his Twitter account Friday afternoon. “But LeBron could by all means get to his level someday.” Yeah, maybe after about four championships. Sometimes it’s just too little, too late, Scottie.

UPDATE II: LeBron James responds to Pippen saying he’s not in the conversation.

Talk about a bomb being dropped to begin the long weekend. As we kick off this Memorial Day holiday weekend, let us be reminded of how seriously Michael Jordan takes being considered the greatest player of all-time.  Jordan is a man who won six championships and five league MVP awards.  He’s also a man who strongly believes he could score 100 points in a game with the way it is played today.  On top of that, he took the liberty of blasting LeBron James for joining forces with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, saying he never would have dreamed of teaming up with Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

The egotistical M.J. is likely not going to be pleased when he finds out his sidekick, Scottie Pippen, went Judas on him Friday morning on Mike and Mike in the Morning.  As SI Hot Clicks pointed out, Pippen made some comments on the show that will likely infuriate Jordan and the entire city of Chicago.

“Michael Jordan may be the greatest scorer to ever play the game, but I may go so far as to say LeBron James is the greatest player to ever play the game,” Pippen told Mike and Mike.

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Scottie Pippen’s Statue Unveiled

Former Bulls forward Scottie Pippen had a sculpture made in his likeness and the bust was unveiled at halftime of the Bulls-Celtics game Thursday night. The former seven-time All-Star and six-time NBA champ was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame last year, so having the statue made is just another honor in his post-career. The statue will be on permanent display in the United Center near Gate 7. Here are more pictures of Scottie Pippen’s bust from the Chicago Tribune.


Scottie Pippen, Ruining Farmers Lives

This guy must be really hard-up for some cash. Remember all the talk this year about him making a comeback to the NBA? It was because the guy’s bankrupt. Upon announcing his plans to return to the league, creditors were lining up to collect from him like he was Worm leaving prison. As recently as 2005, he was negligent on paying legal fees. Obviously, Pippen has really been struggling. And get this, it looks like it’s led him to grabbing farm subsidies by the government, taking them away from real farmers:

Some of America’s rich and famous are padding their bank accounts with government money meant for working farmers.

NBA superstar Scottie Pippen got $289,000. Late Night host David Letterman got $8,000, but gave it to charity. Even the estate of the legendary penny pinching comedian Jack Benny got a bigger piece of the government pie than sheep farmer Leo Tammi.

Nearly two million farmers don’t get a penny, but one farmers’ group says the subsidies are vital.

That’s real sweet of you Scottie. Taking money away from farmers who need it. But I guess you do too. Why don’t you just lob a phone call to MJ asking for a few bones? Maybe he can hook you up with proceeds from the sales of a few jumpsuits or something. Let this also serve as a reminder to all you fans out there. Whenever you hear about an athlete making a comeback, your first instinct should be that the guy’s broke. Rodman, Tyson, Pippen — it’s all the same thing for these guys. Just something to keep in mind.

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