Steph Curry confronts fan after game (Video)

Steph Curry fanSteph Curry confronted a fan following the Golden State Warriors’ 107-100 loss to the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday.

Curry had a poor shooting night by his standards. He went 7-for-19 and 1-of-7 on threes, giving him 15 points in the loss. As he was walking to the tunnel in the Pepsi Center after the game, you could see a fan hanging out by the aisle appearing to yell something to the sharpshooter. Rather than continuing into the locker room, Curry decided to reverse course and confront the fan. He pointed his finger at the fan as if to say he knew the fan had said something. The fan appeared to quickly retreat.

Curry confirmed after the game that he got into it with a fan.

“Somebody said something dumb and I just told him to be quiet, that was it,” Curry said of the incident, per the Mercury News’ Tim Kawakami.

Replays showed that Curry telling the fan “shut your mouth” a few times. The fan shut up quickly, but then perked back up and continued taunting the Warriors after Curry went away.

Let this be the latest lesson to fans that you can’t get away with saying anything you want to players. Some actually will respond. Some will even hunt you down.

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Stephen Curry on having Jason Collins in locker room: ‘You’d have to think about it’

Jason CollinsJason Collins has received more support than criticism since he came out as openly gay on Monday, but there will still be a number of obstacles he will face going forward. During an appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show” on Tuesday, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry commended Collins for having the “courage” to come out, but also touched on what could become a sticky subject.

While Curry was quick to note that he would never judge someone based on their sexual orientation, he did mention how there would have to be a discussion between Collins and his teammates about how his situation affects the locker room.

“You’d have to think about it, for sure,” Curry said. “Just because you haven’t really crossed that situation before and now it’s in the open. You want everybody to be on the same page about it in the locker room so that there aren’t any underlying problems. I think it’s a conversation that everybody can have.”

Patrick then asked Curry what would happen if the Warriors were to sign Collins next season.

“I think he’s confident enough now to sit in the locker room and have a conversation about if there’s any problems with any individual player … how to make everybody comfortable,” Curry added. “But also not to infringe on any of his rights as well. I don’t know how it would go because the conversation hasn’t happened yet.”

Curry makes a valid point. His opinion is nothing like the one Mike Wallace shared yesterday and he’s not saying the team should hang a sign that reads “no gays allowed” outside its locker room. There should be no elephant in the room. Just as Collins should be free to express himself and feel comfortable with who he is, other players should be able to voice their concerns in a constructive manner.

Stephen Curry challenges Nik Stauskas to 3-point shooting contest

Nik StauskasMichigan’s Nik Stauskas returned home to Canada this week and decided to release a new shooting video. In the video, Stauskas went 70-of-76 (92.1 percent) on his shots in the rain, including 46 straight makes. Needless to say, the exhibition was impressive.

Stauskas’ show was so impressive that it even caught the attention of Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry, who just set the NBA record for most 3-pointers made in a season. Curry tweeted the video and gave a friendly challenge to Stauskas, who made 44 percent of his threes last season for the Wolverines.

Stauskas was thrilled to hear from Curry and said he was down:

Sounds like fun, but I would definitely have Curry in this one. He shot 45.3 percent on threes in the NBA this season, which was a higher percentage than Stauskas despite being at a further distance. Though, if the contest took place in Stauskas’ backyard, I might lean toward him because of the home court advantage.

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Steph Curry makes up for missed high five with Draymond Green (Picture)

Not only is Steph Curry a baller who went off for an NBA season-high 54 points Wednesday, but he’s also aware of what’s buzzing on the Internet about him.

During the middle of his hot streak against the Knicks, Curry was so focused on shimmying that he totally blew off teammate Draymond Green for a high five in the fourth quarter:

Curry set out to right that wrong with his teammate by posing for a high five on Thursday:

Steph Curry Draymond Green

Glad they squared that up. Well played, gentlemen.

Photo credit: Twitter/Stephen Curry; GIF via @cjzero

Steph Curry was so hot his teammates treated him like a pitcher throwing a no-hitter

Steph Curry posted one of the best individual games in the NBA this season. The Warriors guard had an NBA season-high 54 points at Madison Square Garden Wednesday in a 109-105 loss to the New York Knicks.

Curry went 18-28 (64.3%), 11-13 (84.6%) on threes, and 7-7 at the free throw line to give him his career-high game. His 11 threes were a franchise record and one behind the NBA record shared by Kobe Bryant and Donyell Marshall.

Curry was so hot he says his teammates began treating him like a pitcher in the middle of a no-hitter.

“My teammates started jabbing at me. They were at my ear, treating me like a pitcher throwing a no-hitter, not trying to touch my right hand and all that funny stuff,” Curry said after the game, via the New York Post. “I knew I was knocking down shots. I knew it was a good night, but I didn’t know exactly what they meant. I was trying not to look at the scoreboard because you don’t want to jinx yourself or get too excited because we obviously had to get the win or try to get the win. But once my teammates started jabbing at me, I kind of realized.”

Curry also had 38 points on 14-20 shooting the night before (also a Warriors loss) to further cement his hot stretch.

The shot chart from Curry’s last two games tells a heck of a story:

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Roy Hibbert on Steph Curry: ‘I didn’t even feel him’ (Video)

Roy Hibbert was ejected following a fight between the Golden State Warriors and Indiana Pacers on Tuesday, and his comments about Steph Curry after the game were pretty funny.

Hibbert and David Lee were fighting for position for a rebound in the fourth quarter. Lee shoved Hibbert, Hibbert shoved back, and the two bumped chests. That’s when Curry entered the picture, trying to pull Hibbert away from Lee. Hibbert then tossed Curry aside, and tossed him aside again after Curry came back at him.

“I saw some light skinned guy coming at me. I didn’t know if it was Curry or Klay Thompson,” Hibbert said after the game, via The Indianapolis Star.

After being told it was Curry who came after him, Hibbert said that the guard shouldn’t have gotten involved.

“Really, it was between me and David Lee. I don’t know why the other guy (Curry) came at me,” said Hibbert.

“Seriously, I didn’t even feel him. He just ran on me and … I dunno. It’s between me and David Lee and he wants to get involved. I’m the type of person I don’t want to start anything with somebody that’s smaller than me. If I have somebody my size I’ll take it out like me. But I don’t take pride in tossing a little guy to the side.”

Hibbert knows the league will review the play. He emphasized that the incident was out of character for him.

“I’m a mellow guy,” Hibbert said, according to The Star. “I don’t talk trash, I just go out and play tough. I’m not a thug, just a laid-back, gentle guy.”

Hibbert was the only one ejected, though Lee, David West, Thompson, and Curry received technical fouls. The Pacers won the game 108-97, getting 13 points, nine rebounds, and five blocks from Hibbert before his ejection. Curry had 38 points in the loss, and probably one bruised ego after getting tossed aside.

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Steph Curry has some nasty scratch marks on his arm (Picture)

steph curry arm scratches

Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry went to Chicago and left with a souvenir he probably could have done without. Warriors beat writer Marcus Thompson shared the above photo of Curry shortly after the Dubs lost to the Bulls 103-87 on Friday. In his tweet, Thompson implied that Curry received the scratch from Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich.

We have no confirmation about when and how the scratch was received, but it might not be a bad idea for Curry to mix in a tetanus shot at some point during the road trip.

And Kris Humphries thought his scratch mark was bad? That was nothing.

Photo credit: Twitter/Marcus Thompson
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