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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Articles tagged: Steve Nash

Kobe Bryant nicknames Steve Nash ‘Gatsby’

Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash have only played two NBA games together with the Los Angeles Lakers, but Kobe is already on a nickname basis with his new 38-year-old teammate. We may not understand the origin of the nickname, but Kobe — or someone else– has given it to Nash nonetheless. According to the L.A….Read More

Metta World Peace: Steve Nash needs his own Las Vegas show with strippers

Metta World Peace is already in awe of Steve Nash. When talking to reporters recently about his new teammate, World Peace spoke about how he has trouble figuring out what’s happening on the court with Nash running the offense because everything happens so quickly. “Half of the time, I don’t get back on defense after…Read More

Steve Nash gets handed a beer by fans on an L.A. freeway (Video)

If this video is any indication, Steve Nash‘s tenure in Los Angeles is getting off to a glorious start. Here he is cruising along on a freeway in L.A. and being handed a brewski from some (drunk?) bro patrol in a completely different vehicle, all while video taping it, too. Sounds totally safe and practical…Read More

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