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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Articles tagged: Steve Young

Steve Young does the Ray Lewis squirrel dance (Video)

Who knew Steve Young had rhythm and moves? Young did his best rendition of the Ray Lewis squirrel dance after “Monday Night Football” between the Bengals and Broncos. Young was a little late on the squirrel part, but he gets an A+ for his accuracy and enthusiasm. At least he was much better than fellow…Read More

Steve Young on Colin Kaepernick extension: ‘He needs to develop still’

Steve Young is complimentary of Colin Kaepernick’s skills and abilities as a player, but he believes the young quarterback has a lot of developing to do, especially after receiving such a big contract extension from the San Francisco 49ers. “This is a complete commitment, but I don’t know that they had a choice. He’s been…Read More

Steve Young dressed in the Christmas spirit (Picture)

Steve Young dressed in the Christmas spirit for Saturday’s Atlanta Falcons-Detroit Lions game. The Pro Football Hall of Famer and current ESPN NFL analyst was wearing a red plaid jacket and red tie to get with the holiday mood. ESPN showed a full-length view of him to reveal he was also wearing blue jeans and…Read More

Steve Young’s Wife Gives Him a Birthday Flash Mob (Video)

If you didn’t know what a flash mob was you might think this post was going to be inappropriate, but gift for our younger readers this one is PG-rated. Think about the gift you wanted more for your birthday than any other present you’ve received in your life. Is it better than a flash mob?…Read More

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