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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Soccer Player Responds to Opponent’s Taunt by Pantsing Him (Video)

In the world of sports, there is really no need for violence and fighting.  Some sports like football are naturally violent, but that is just part of the game.  If people would learn to keep their emotions in check more effectively we could eliminate things like American basketball teams fighting overseas, Tour De France cyclists going at it, and pitchers being arrested on felony assault charges.  When faced with a frustrating situation, we should all learn to react more like Francois Modesto from Greek soccer club Olympiakos.

Modesto was sandwiched by two AEK Athens players during a match last week and ended up tumbling to the turf.  When one AEK player thought it was a good idea to stand over Modesto and taunt him, Francois turned around and got the best of him.  What better way to shut someone up than by pantsing them?  Check out this hilarious video that Dirty Tackle shared with us:

No bloodshed, no fists thrown, no aggressive attacks.  You push me down, the whole world sees your underwear.  Sometimes there’s no need to make life complicated.

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