Video: LeBron James Joins Cleveland Browns in State Farm Commercial

It’s crazy the way things work. Just two nights ago I was having a conversation regarding LeBron James’ physique and athletic ability. Knowing that he was an All-State wide receiver in high school, I said LeBron would be an All-Pro if he had decided to play football. Luckily for us, he decided to dedicate himself to basketball. Imagine if he had chosen football though … State Farm did:

Foxsports.com brought the commercial to my attention, and Ballhype provided the video. Honestly, I don’t doubt that James could have been an All-Pro receiver in the NFL. He has incredible speed, quickness, strength, and athleticism. Can you imagine a cornerback covering that beast? Pity the fool …

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  • Bill Tsiu

    With a 6′ 8” /250 lb frame on a tight end/ reciever with speed and hands like his is rare. As well, he clearly has good quickness (the most underrated attribute for a football player). He would have given Ohio State an exploitable mismatch on both linebackers and defensive backs. He may not have had great pure speed, but could use his physical frame and 44” vertical to go up and snag any ball. /Cool widgets at statbeast.

  • http://www.gozonegateway.com Jeremy

    I’ve been saying fore years that players like Lebron, Kobe and Wade would be the best receivers of all time. Look at how Moss dominates and then find the videos of him on the court. On the court he is just an average athlete….