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Monday, January 21, 2019

Kevin Durant and the Thunder went gambling until 5 a.m. after blowout loss

After getting smacked by the Clippers on Monday, the Thunder decided to blow some steam at a casino until the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Kevin Durant Instagrammed the pictured photo with the message “Leaving the casino, it’s 5am..won a few dollars, made me feel good about tonight’s shellacking.”

It’s not clear what casino the Thunder played at, but according to one message board post on Covers.com Tuesday, they were playing the card game War. The poster said Durant made the max bet at least twice at the table, but didn’t reveal how much the players finished with. He/she did throw in that Russell Westbrook, evidently still sour from his nine-point performance Monday, was “a d*ck,” along with most of his teammates. Here’s the post in full, via The Basketball Jones:

Was at the casino playing blackjack when I noticed [Kevin Durant] an some other black dude standing behind me. The dealer pointed him out to me and  was holy f— its Kevin Durant. I casually went up to him shook his hand and told him how big of a legend he is (basically gave hime a b— job). Then took a photo with him and chatted some more. They decided to play this game war I’ve never tried and I followed them to the table. Sitting next to Kevin Durant and bull s—-ing about the NBA and giving fist bumps after big wins was wells worth the 600 I dropped playing that crappy game. I think my avg card dealt to me was a 5. Russel Westbrook was a d-ck. Wouldn’t even take a photo was still steaming about how  much he sucked last night.

It was just Kevin, some other guy, and me at the table gambling. The other guy I later found out was lorenzo hayward out of marquette. Guy was a d-ck to me claiming im bad luck guy and who the f— is this white guy numerous times. F— him. I tihnk he was just mad I didn’t recognize him as an nba baller and had him take the photo of me and Kevin.  Durant is a very nice guy and I can see why so many people love this dude. The rest of his associates were d-ckheads, besides cole aldrich who seemed like a good guy sitting quietly packing his kodiak tobbaco before they kicked him out for doing it. […]

there was a funny moment where Durant had a max bet down and tied the dealer. they went to war and he had to line up double the money. The dealer tossed 3 cards and turned over a 3 for Kevin and he was steaming thinking he was about to lose 10 grand. I started a here comes the 2 chant and boom there came the 2. That fist pump I shared with Kevin  after that great call was electric. It felt like the movie Spacejam and I had just stolen his powers. I jsut went outside and took some jump shots. I can’t miss.

Given that they weren’t on a back-to-back, there’s nothing to really criticize the Thunder for here (other than allegedly being jerks). It’s just worth noting how a team deals with a crushing defeat. And also how Kevin Durant seems to have much better luck than Clark Griswold. This looks promising for Durant’s chances at the MVP trophy.

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