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Deion Sanders has interesting bonuses in Jackson State contract

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders has some unusual bonuses in his head coaching contract at Jackson State.

College football reporter Matt Brown obtained a copy of Sanders’ contract. Sanders will make $300,000 per year at the school, which would come out to $1.2 million over the four-year deal.

The contract also contains two unique clauses. The first is that Sanders will receive a $100,000 bonus if the school moves to a new league, along with a written promise to increase the athletic budget to be in line with that of its peers.

The second clause states that Sanders will receive 10 percent of the revenue from ticket sales for each game at which Jackson State sells more than 30,000 tickets. The team averaged over 33,000 fans per game last season, so theoretically, Sanders stands to get a decent cut of money from this stipulation.

Sanders definitely negotiated some unique bonuses into his deal. It’s pretty clear that Jackson State has been willing to roll out the red carpet for him, though. The contract is no exception.

Deion Sanders critical of Florida State recruiting policy

Deion Sanders

The Florida State Seminoles are in real danger of posting three consecutive losing seasons for the first time since the 1970s, and Deion Sanders thinks he knows why.

The Seminoles legend blamed the school’s recruiting strategy for its recent struggles, arguing that the team has been more concerned with recruiting rankings than intangibles.

“It starts out with recruiting; it starts out with the type of kids,” Sanders said on Wednesday’s “The Paul Finebaum Show,” via Riley Gates of 247Sports. “We’re chasing five-stars and four-stars, and we’re not measuring the heart. It’s no way to detect the heart. It’s no way to understand that. Instead of looking at the made-up highlight tapes, hey man, let’s go look at practice. I want to see a kid practice. Show me the practice tape. Games are the best possible plays he can have. There’s no way a guy was great for three straight minutes.

“Show me how he practices and sometimes we’re losing the understanding because we’re into rankings. We want to say we have the number one class in the nation from that year, just because we acquired several five- and four-stars.”

Maybe Sanders is onto something. According to 247Sports’ team rankings, the Seminoles brought in the third-ranked recruiting class in the country in both 2015 and 2016, followed by the No. 6 class in 2017 and No. 11 in 2018. They’ve continued to slip each year as on-field success has not followed the highly-touted recruits.

Now that Sanders is a college coach himself, perhaps this philosophy will inform his recruiting strategy.

Warren Sapp denies report about coaching with Deion Sanders

Warren Sapp

A bombshell report on Tuesday claimed Deion Sanders is assembling one of the most star-studded coaching staffs in college football history, but all of the subjects of that report have blasted it as being inaccurate.

Joe Cook of 16 WAPT News reported that Warren Sapp and Terrell Owens have agreed to serve as assistants on Sanders’ staff at Jackson State. Sanders immediately denied it and blasted Cook for the inaccurate information. Sapp responded to numerous tweets insisting he will not be coaching at Jackson State. He shared the same message to Tampa Bay area reporter Katherine Smith.

Owens chastised the media for not letting Sanders complete his hiring process, which was an interesting way of wording things.

So what is going on? Cook deleted his initial tweet and called his false report a “learning experience.” It’s unclear if he was fed bad information, but it’s interesting that Sanders has yet to announce his coaching staff.

It’s possible that there are legal and/or contractual issues still playing out and that Owens and/or Sapp actually will join Sanders’ staff. Or, perhaps the information truly was inaccurate. We should know before long.

Deion Sanders denies that Terrell Owens, Warren Sapp are joining staff

terrell owens

Deion Sanders was officially introduced as the head coach at Jackson State this week. As if that wasn’t enough of a splash for the program, a report on Tuesday claimed Sanders is assembling a coaching staff that would be fit for a reality TV show. Sanders says that report is inaccurate, however.

Joe Cook of 16 WAPT News in Mississippi cited sources who informed him that Terrell Owens will be Sanders’ wide receivers coach and Warren Sapp will coach the defensive line. Sanders quickly shot down the report and said it is “absolutely wrong.”

Owens and Sapp also took to Twitter to rip the report. Sapp responded to a tweet from FOX College Football, which seemingly confirmed the report before attributing it to Cook and then deleting their original tweet.

Sanders has made no formal announcements yet about his staff, but he told reporters on Tuesday that all of the positions have been filled. He said the staff has over 80 years of combined NFL playing and coaching experience.

It’s unclear where the misinformation came from. If you saw the flashy entrance Sanders made when he was introduced at Jackson State on Monday, you may have believed he would hire Owens and Sapp as part of his staff. That would have been fun.

Video: Deion Sanders makes classic ‘Prime Time’ entrance at Jackson State

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders was officially introduced as the new head football coach at Jackson State on Monday, and his entrance at the school was right on par with everything else he has done in his Hall of Fame career.

Sanders showed up to his press conference at Jackson State with police lights flashing, sirens blaring and the school marching band leading the way.

Sanders then gave an emotional speech.

“We going to win,” Sanders said, according to TMZ. “We going to look good while we win. We going to have a good time while we win. And we going to do this professionally. … I believe this is going to be a marriage made in heaven, and I cannot wait to get started.”

Sanders had made it no secret that he wanted to get into head coaching. He was linked to one high-profile college job a while back, but nothing ever came of that. While there was some concern over one of his endorsement deals and how it would impact him taking a job at Jackson State, that is all being worked out.

A former eight-time Pro Bowler as a player, Sanders has only coached at the high school level. Jackson State has not had a winning season since 2013, so Sanders will face immediate pressure to right the ship.

Deion Sanders to become Jackson State head coach despite Under Armour deal

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders is expected to be named the next head football coach at Jackson State, though there is one hiccup.

HCBU Sports’ Kendrick Marshall reported on Thursday that Sanders would become the school’s new head football coach. He says a press conference regarding the announcement is expected to come on Monday.

One issue with the deal is that Sanders’ personal endorsement deal with Under Armour is in conflict with the school’s deal with Nike. Marshall says the sides are expected to work things out regardless.

Sanders recently left NFL Network over a contract issue and signed on to join Barstool Sports. He joined the emerging sports media and comedy brand with the understanding that he still wanted to explore coaching.

Sanders, 53, has been linked to the Jackson State job since John Hendrick was let go in August.

A former 8-time Pro Bowler as a player, Sanders has experience coaching at the high school level. He will have his work cut out for him at a school that hasn’t had a winning record since 2013.

Deion Sanders defends Odell Beckham Jr. against wild rumor

Deion Sanders

Everyone seems to want to weigh in on the wild rumor that is floating around about Odell Beckham Jr. this week, but NFL legend Deion Sanders says he spoke with OBJ directly about it. Not surprisingly, the Cleveland Browns star says the entire story was made up.

An Instagram model known as Slim Danger went on the “No Jumper” podcast this week and claimed she had an unusual sexual encounter with Beckham. She says Beckham likes when women defecate on him, which of course sent the internet into a frenzy.

Deion Sanders of Barstool Sports said Thursday that he spoke with OBJ directly. Sanders is “110 percent” convinced the rumor is false.

“My problem is why — if somebody comes out with some bulljunk on you — are we gonna believe them when we actually have the relationship with you? Shouldn’t we believe you instead of them?” Sanders asked. “Now, if they had said it the other way around, that Odell doo-doo’ed on them, I might have said, ‘Eh, you got a point there.’ But, no, I can’t see that one.”

Sanders also complimented Beckham for the way he has handled the unexpected attention.

“He’s at the point now, and I’m so proud of him, where he’s matured past the point of caring about foolishness like that,” Sanders said. “A couple years ago it would have had him all flustered. Now he’s like, ‘Eh, it’s part of the game.'”

Whether it’s true or not, Beckham seems to be laughing the rumor off. He appeared to issue a subtle response on Instagram, and ” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>his girlfriend even got in on the fun. OBJ has bigger things to worry about with a few days to go until the start of the 2020 season.

Report: Deion Sanders likely to be head coach candidate at Jackson State

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders may be on his way to accomplishing his aim of becoming a college football coach.

Sanders is expected to be a candidate for the Jackson State head coach position, according to Zach Barnett of Football Scoop. The school fired head coach John Hendrick earlier Monday.

Sanders would instantly become the highest-profile candidate. The 53-year-old would also be one of the biggest names coaching in the FCS. He would be facing a rebuilding job, as the Tigers have not finished above .500 since 2013. He would have extensive time to get into the job, as the SWAC will not be playing games this fall.

Beyond his two-sport career in football and baseball, Sanders is known for his tenure as an NFL analyst. He recently left NFL Network to join Barstool Sports, which has pledged support for his efforts to become a coach.

Sanders had a pretty ambitious target for when he would begin his coaching career. It appears that he might actually meet it after all.

Deion Sanders’ coaching ambitions supported by Barstool Sports

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders still has his eyes on coaching football, and Barstool Sports’ support of that ambition was a factor in why they were able to land him.

According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, Sanders’ agreement with Barstool comes with a promise from the company that it will support his efforts to find a college football coaching job. This was confirmed by Constance Schwartz, Sanders’ representative.

“You are not wrong on coaching in the future and Barstool is very supportive of that,” Schwartz told Marchand. “He is coaching now, but, as you said in your article yesterday, he still has aspirations to coach at the college level and Barstool is fully on-board for that.”

Sanders has made no secret of his desire to coach a college football team. He openly tried to land the job at his alma mater Florida State and has said he intends to have a job in the sport by 2021. If that works out, Sanders’ stay with Barstool could be a fairly brief one, but the company appears to be comfortable with that scenario.

Deion Sanders joins Barstool Sports after departing NFL Network

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders parting ways with NFL Network made headlines on Tuesday, but that report was just been a precursor to much bigger news.

Sports Business Journal’s John Ourand reported that Sanders was leaving NFL Network. A subsequent report from the New York Post’s Andrew Marchand said Sanders was asked to take a pay cut and declined.

Now we know why: Sanders is headed to Barstool Sports.

“Pardon My Take”, which is a Barstool Sports property and the No. 1 sports podcast on Apple Podcasts, announced that Deion Sanders has joined the company. Sanders was a guest on “Pardon My Take” on July 26, two weeks prior to the announcement, and then joined the show again for Wednesday’s episode, where the announcement was made.

Willie Colon, another former NFL player who joined Barstool Sports, hyped the announcement and was excited about it.

“I had no idea when I went on with you guys last time that this would transpire so quickly,” Sanders said on “Pardon My Take”.

According to the announcement on the episode, Sanders will launch his own podcast called “21st and Prime”, do some video work for Barstool Sports, and he will join “Pardon My Take” as an NFL guest on Sunday nights during the football season.

This is an absolutely massive hire for Barstool Sports, and likely the biggest name they have ever had on staff. Sanders immediately raises the profile and credibility of Barstool Sports. Prime can now become even more connected to a young audience.

One thing to keep in mind is that when Barstool has made splashy, big-name hires in the past, it hasn’t always worked out for the long-term. Pat McAfee retired from the NFL to join Barstool Sports, but that partnership fell apart and McAfee left the company. The company’s hire of Michael Rapoport ended up a disaster. Both sides are hoping this works out much better.