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Deion Sanders embarrassed himself in Twitter exchange with Kevin Byard

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders completely embarrassed himself on Twitter Tuesday during an exchange with Kevin Byard.

Sanders apparently had praised the Houston Texans’ signing of Tyrann Mathieu, terming the Honey Badger the best safety in football.

Byard, who was a first-team All-Pro safety last season with the Titans, was incredulous and responded. He asked Sanders how he could omit the two All-Pro safeties — himself and Harrison Smith.

Sanders then responded by essentially dismissing Byard, calling him a “fan.” It was pretty clear Sanders did not even know who Byard is.

Byard responded to Sanders and had to inform him he’s a current player.

This just shows how little attention Sanders is paying. Byars led the league in interceptions last season with eight and had 87 total tackles, and Sanders didn’t even recognize his name. But of course, as this story from 2011 should have told you, Sanders isn’t much of an analyst anyhow.

Report: Deion Sanders will not join Florida State coaching staff

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders got Florida State fans excited last month when he refused to rule out joining new head coach Willie Taggart’s staff, but the Hall of Famer has apparently decided against it.

College football reporter Brett McMurphy was told by a source that Sanders turned down a role with the Seminoles.

Sanders was interviewed during Florida State’s bowl game against Southern Mississippi on Dec. 27, and he was asked about the reports that he and Taggart have mutual interest in Sanders coaching defensive backs for the Seminoles. The reaction Sanders gave made it seem like it was something that could happen, but we all know how much “Primetime” loves the spotlight. It’s possible he had serious discussions with Taggart, but we also wouldn’t be surprised if Sanders was just trying to get fans buzzing.

Deion Sanders does not deny report that he could join Florida State staff

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders has been outspoken with his support of Florida State’s decision to hire Willie Taggart as its head coach, and that could be because the Hall of Famer has had discussions about joining Taggart’s staff.

Sanders was interviewed during the first half of Florida State’s bowl game against Southern Mississippi on Wednesday, and he was asked about a report that claims he and Taggart have “mutual interest” in Sanders joining FSU’s staff to coach defensive backs. The Seminoles alum certainly didn’t deny it.

“You never know. I’ve been known to make big plays with these colors on,” Sanders said. “That’s all I’m gonna say.”

Over the weekend, Sanders had an identical response when someone tweeted that he should join Florida State’s staff.

Fueling even more speculation, Taggart retweeted Sanders’ response.

At the very least, Sanders is having fun with the speculation. We know “Primetime” loves the spotlight, so that isn’t a surprise. But if Sanders does have plans to return to Florida State, that should be a huge boost for the Seminoles in the recruiting department.

Michael Irvin jabs Deion Sanders over Tony Romo incident

Michael Irvin

Michael Irvin is offering his opinion on the recent on-air beef between former teammate Deion Sanders and Tony Romo.

In an appearance this week on KRLD-FM 105.3 The Fan, the retired Dallas Cowboys great jabbed Sanders over his back-and-forth with Romo.

“I didn’t like that at all, man,” said Irvin, per SportsDay. “I saw it. Here’s the kicker for me. I love Tony, I talk with Tony all the time. I love Deion. But it’s like, for so long Deion, you’ve made a living off telling people that my job is covering. Now when someone uses it within the framework of what you said.

“So when Tony used it and for him to come back that way, yeah that’s crazy,” the five-time Pro Bowl receiver continued. “It’s having fun, guys. You’ve gotta be able to laugh at yourself. I think we lose it with that.”

The beef between Sanders and Romo, who both now work for CBS, started when the latter made an off-hand remark about the former’s tackling ability while doing color commentary during Sunday’s Cowboys-Kansas City Chiefs game. Sanders apparently took the comment quite personally and later lit into Romo on NFL Network over his lack of postseason success, his interception totals, and the fact that he lost his job to Dak Prescott, among other topics.

As for Irvin, he too has worked as a sports commentator since retiring and has done just as much, if not more, winning than Sanders has in his NFL career, so he definitely seems to be speaking from a position of strength here. Not to mention that all three are former Cowboys, so Irvin probably doesn’t like seeing two Dallas legends getting into it. Of course, Deion has never been shy from throwing around criticism, so this is nothing new for him.

Deion Sanders annihilates Tony Romo over tackling comments

Deion Sanders

During Sunday’s game between the Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs on CBS, Tony Romo opened Pandora’s box after criticizing the tackling ability of Chiefs cornerback Marucs Peters.

Romo likened Peters’ tackling to that of former Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers cornerback Deion Sanders, who was never exactly known as a solid tackler and never shied away from the fact that he wasn’t.

“He makes Deion Sanders look good at tackling sometimes,” Romo said during the broadcast.

Sanders got wind of Romo’s comments and used his airtime on NFL Network to completely annihilate the retired quarterback, ripping him for being ousted by Dak Prescott and implying he’s not fit for the Hall of Fame.

“Tony, I tried my best to take the high road, but I don’t know the address to the high road so I gotta come at you man,” Sanders said. “Ten years as a starter you’re 2-4 in the playoffs, you ain’t won nothing. I tried to bury the hatchet, both of us work for CBS I went and shook your hand and said ‘Tony you’re doing a great job this year,’ But nevertheless, you keep on shovin’ at me. Tony, what’s going on?

“I got a gold jacket that I didn’t buy. Dak says hi…and bye. Tony leave me alone man I got a lot of ammunition. How many interceptions? 19 in 2012 come on man you threw to everybody but me. You know you never won the big one, so stop man and leave me alone.”

Sanders, of course, is one of the greatest to ever play the game and did earn himself a gold jacket to go along with two Super Bowl titles and a Defensive Player of the Year award. Romo, on the other hand, managed only two playoff wins in a career that was defined by injury.

Romo will be back on the air in Week 10, so it’ll be interested to see if he responds to Sanders or takes aim at him yet again.

Deion Sanders annoyed his accusations against Colts have become big story

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders dropped a noteworthy accusation on Sunday that seemingly got lost in the Super Bowl shuffle, and the Hall of Fame cornerback is now annoyed that his comments have become a national story.

When the topics of Spygate and Deflategate came up after the New England Patriots’ miraculous comeback against the Atlanta Falcons, Sanders defended Bill Belichick’s team by claiming the Indianapolis Colts used to steal signals and everyone knew it. On Wednesday, former Colts coach Tony Dungy gave a lengthy response to the allegations from Sanders.

In an appearance on PFT Live, Dungy explained how there is a difference between legally and illegally stealing signs. He explained how sign-stealing has been a part of sports for nearly 200 years.

“Deion, I’m sure on every scouting report that he ever got, the first thing that’s on there on the defensive scouting reports, who is the live signal caller, who signals the personnel groups in. And that’s what happened,” Dungy said. “And you looked over there because you wanted to know as a defensive player: Is it going to be three wide receivers? Is it going to be two tight ends? Who’s in the game? There’s a person over there signaling and Deion Sanders and every other defensive player would look at the offensive sideline to get that signal. So that is football. And I’m not sure what Deion is referring to, really.

‘That’s all part of the game, but doing it legally and illegally, that’s the difference. I hope Deion is not saying we did something illegally. Of course we got signals when we had an opportunity to do that, and so did Deion.”

After Dungy’s response gained steam, Sanders fired off a series of tweets. Was he backpedaling? Was he standing by what he said? It’s kind of hard to tell.

The biggest issue with Spygate was that the Patriots were illegally videotaping signals. Unless Sanders has information about the Colts doing something similar, you can understand why Dungy — who is notoriously paranoid about cheating — was offended by the accusation.

Deion Sanders accuses Colts of stealing signals

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders has the New England Patriots’ back.

During a discussion on NFL Network after the Patriots won the Super Bowl over the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in overtime, Sanders backed up the Pats regarding the team’s legacy.

Fellow analyst LaDainian Tomlinson noted that detractors would bring up Spygate as something that tarnishes the legacy of the Patriots and causes a reason for them to have an asterisk. Sanders vigorously dismissed such talk.

“Did those critics say anything about the wins that the Indianapolis Colts had? Because they were getting everybody’s signals,” Sanders said on NFL Network after the game.

“C’mon, you walk up to the line and you look over here and the man on the sideline is giving you the defense that they’ve stolen the plays of. We all knew. Everybody in the NFL knew; we just didn’t let the fans know,” a passionate Sanders said.

“That was real and that was happening in Indy.”

The fire was alive inside Deion as he spoke those words. He talked like a man who felt personally cheated by some of the Colts teams.

Some like Ray Lewis have said that the Pats deserve an asterisk because of Spygate, but Sanders says no.

Some could also call into question whether Deion has a personal bias against Indy, because he’s gone hard after Peyton Manning in the past, although he never specified what years the Colts cheated.

Deion Sanders’ son accused of brutally beating high school employee


Deion Sanders’ teenage son has been accused of brutally beating a high school employee so badly that the man needed emergency spinal surgery.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, John Darjean says he tried to confiscate the younger Sanders’ phone in September 2015 after the student was breaking school rules by using it on campus during school hours. Darjean says Sanders refused to turn over the phone and instead violently attacked him.

Darjean was transported to a local hospital, where he says he later had to undergo spinal surgery.

TMZ also reports that the insurance company that was responsible for paying Darjean’s workers compensation while he was recovering from his injuries is suing Deion and his ex-wife Pilar for $26,000, claiming the couple knew of their son’s history of reckless behavior and did nothing. Deion and Pilar finalized their divorce in 2013 after some ugly court battles, and Deion celebrated with these tweets at the time.

One of Sanders’ other sons, Deion Jr., is heading into his senior season as a defensive back at SMU.

Bruce Arians compares Patrick Peterson to Deion Sanders

Patrick PetersonPatrick Peterson has been having an outstanding season this year. In 2014, the four-time Pro Bowler did not look like the great cover cornerback we had grown used to seeing in previous years.

But 2015 has been a rejuvenation of sorts for Peterson. Does that mean he deserves to be compared to arguably the greatest shutdown cornerback of all time? Cardinals coach Bruce Arians thinks so.

It should be noted that Peterson hasn’t exactly faced elite competition in recent weeks. Aside from A.J. Green in Week 11, Arizona has gone up against teams without top-flight receiving options like the Browns, Seahawks and 49ers. That said, Peterson is playing great football.

Is he playing Prime Time football? I wouldn’t go that far, but he is certainly one of the reasons the Cardinals are 9-2 and in contention for a first-round playoff bye. For now, we can safely put Peterson somewhere between Deion Sanders and the way Richard Sherman views the Arizona corner.

Deion Sanders had an intense Father’s Day Instagram post


No one in the world of professional sports created a more detailed and intense social media post about Father’s Day on Sunday than Deion Sanders.

Sanders, a former NFL star who has five children and has been married twice, got into a lot of personal stuff, including but not limited to a mention of sleeping with two women at the same time. That wasn’t the bottom line, however. Here’s what the Instagram post said in its entirety:

“Just because I have a penis doesn’t mean that I’m a Man. It simply means I’m a male. I didn’t become a man at the age of 18 or 21 when the world deemed me to be legal to drink, fight for my beloved country and to enter a night club. I didnt become a man when my 1st or 2nd child was born. I didnt become a man when I made my 1st or 10th MILLION. I didnt become a man when I won superbowls and played in the world series. I didn’t become a man when I slept with 2 woman at a time. I didn’t become a man when I had Lamborghinis and several cars in my driveway. I didn’t become a man when I bought 100s of suits with gators to match. I didn’t become a man when many thought I was the man. I didn’t become a man when you called me a role model but I was a model playing a role.

“I became a man when I accepted responsibility of my life, my ways and others. I became a man when I learned to love me and forgive me. I became a man when I stopped allowing the pain of yesterday to influence me today. I became a man when I realized I don’t have to be the perfect father but a present father. I became a man when I learned not to love something that didnt have the capacity to love me back.

“When I put away childish,simple minded,egotistical speaking,Understanding and thinking I then became a man. I’m certainly not a perfect man but I’m a Good man who’s playing his position of a Father like he played the corner. TBE! How could I give more to a game or a fan than I give to my children. When we celebrate Fathers day it means more to me than just a text, tweet, Instagram or email. I had a biological father and a wonderful step father that are deceased. We never exchanged the simple words I LOVE YOU so I don’t take this day for granted. All the men that are real Fathers & real Men HAPPY FATHERS DAY. To all the mothers playing both positions HAPPY FATHERS DAY and to all the Grandparents,Uncles and Friends stepping up and in the battle to raise these kids right HAPPY FATHERS DAY. GOD BLESS. #Truth #Deionsfamilyplaybook @owntv Saturday 8C. @RevJahwar @traceyeedmonds.”

Obviously, Deion had a lot on his mind.

As many of you know, Sanders has had a complicated relationship with his kids and spouses. There have been times when his interactions with one of his son’s made us laugh and others where he has been accused of doing some very irresponsible things.

Nevertheless, Sanders felt strongly about Father’s Day 2015.