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Monday, July 13, 2020

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10 MLB players who are turning heads in spring training

Jason Kipnis

It’s hard to draw much of a conclusion from spring training. Players are all at different levels of fitness, some guys find hot streaks at the right time, and guys slug eight homers in two weeks and then are never heard from again.

Still, it’s worth taking a look at which players are off to a good spring start. As ever, small sample sizes are everywhere, and only so much should be drawn from these numbers. Still, it’s always best to get off to a good start, and that’s what these ten players have done.

1) Jason Kipnis, Indians

The Indians are still trying to figure out where Kipnis fits into their plans after Jose Ramirez displaced him as the team’s everyday second baseman. That’s not really Kipnis’ problem; his issue was convincing the team that he still has a part to play. He’s certainly done that so far. The two-time all-star has slugged six home runs in 17 spring at-bats, with 12 RBIs and a .529 average on top of it. The guy can still hit. Cleveland would be wise to find a spot on the diamond for him to do it.