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Sunday, July 12, 2020

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Report: Steve Nash not interested in Suns job despite ‘strong interest’ from team

Steve Nash shaved

The Phoenix Suns reportedly want to bring in Steve Nash as head coach, but the feeling is not mutual.

The Suns have “strong interest” in Nash for their vacant coaching position, sources told ESPN’s Marc Stein, but Nash isn’t interested in a coaching job at this time.

Despite being on owner Robert Sarver’s shortlist to replace Jeff Hornacek, Nash is reportedly focused on his three young children and other off-court interests, preferring to keep his basketball roles part-time for the time being.

Nash was, of course, a longtime point guard for the Suns, leading the team in their mid-2000s heyday. He still maintains a good relationship with Sarver, and the two even have a stake in a Spanish soccer team together. However, he reportedly had to he lobbied hard just to accept the part-time consulting position he currently holds with the Golden State Warriors, making any expanded role for any team look extremely unlikely, at least right now.

As for who will actually coach the Suns now that Hornacek has been let go, there have been rumors that their former head man may be targeted for a return to the role.

Steve Nash to join Warriors as player development consultant

Steve Nash Lakers

The long-awaited Steve-on-Steve reunion between Kerr and Nash is finally upon us.

Recently-retired two-time MVP Steve Nash is finalizing an agreement to become a part-time player development consultant for the defending champion Golden State Warriors, ESPN NBA insider Marc Stein reported on Tuesday.

According to Stein, Nash was aggressively pursued for the role by Warriors head coach Steve Kerr along with team president Rick Welts. Kerr and Nash has previously worked together during Nash’s playing days in Phoenix when Kerr served as the Suns general manager from 2007 to 2010.

It is said that the deal will essentially make Nash, who retired last March and reportedly wasn’t planning to go into coaching at the time, an occasional tutor for the Golden State guards, spending a few days a week working with them on individual skills.

What’s interesting is that Nash, who did similar work with the Lakers and guard Jordan Clarkson in an unofficial capacity last season, opted to take a formal role with the Warriors instead of continuing in Lakerland or going back to his old stomping grounds in Phoenix. The Lakers young point guard core of Clarkson and No. 2 overall pick D’Angelo Russell could really use Nash’s guidance. To a lesser extent, so could the Kentucky guard triad of Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight, and Devin Booker with the Suns.

Having just won a championship last June, the Warriors are much further along the player development curve to put it lightly. As a contender right now, they are much less needy of Nash’s services than other younger teams with an emphasis on building for the future.

Still, we should be looking forward to the eight-time All-Star coaching the Splash Brothers next season in matters of playmaking, shot selection, pick-and-roll wizardry, and cinematography.

Steve Nash to produce film about 1980s Dallas ecstasy scene


Two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash has only been officially retired for a few months, and he’s already partaking in some rather interesting ventures.

According to a Thursday feature by Dave McNary of Variety, the 41-year-old has officially signed on as an executive producer for an upcoming independent film about 1980s Dallas. The movie will reportedly focus on the Dallas party/rave scene in the era of legal ecstasy.

“Having played in Dallas for six years, I was drawn to this project for its relationship with the city,” said Nash of the eccentric endeavor. “After poring over the material I found an incredibly unique story with so many vibrant characters and a bold history known as the origin to the rave scene ecstasy culture. Its footprints are now all over the world.”

Nash was with the Mavericks from 1998 to 2004, averaging 14.6 points per game and 7.2 assists per game in his time there, while also being selected to two All-Star teams. Now we’re getting an indication that his connection to the city of Dallas went well beyond his spoils on the hardwood.

Though Nash probably won’t be giving Paul Thomas Anderson a run for his money anytime soon, I’m still expecting big things from him in this one. This is a guy who never shies away from a challenge and has already produced numerous cinematic masterpieces on his YouTube channel.

Case in point:

Let’s just hope that this film turns into a box office smash hit so that it becomes the defining memory of Nash’s forties rather than that disastrous tenure with the Lakers.

From dominating the NBA to producing films about MDMA. Stephen John Nash: a man of many talents.

H/T Dallas Morning News

Lakers reportedly asked Steve Nash not to retire before season

Steve Nash Lakers

Steve Nash only played in 15 games last season and none this season because of injuries that have essentially ended his career. Nash knew the injuries were so bad last season that he was prepared to call it a career before this season, but a report says the Lakers asked him not to retire. The result has been the two-time MVP point guard collecting checks from the Lakers despite really being a member of the team in name only.

Bleacher Report’s Kevin Ding had the scoop:

Nash was ready to call it a career before the season. After deep soul-searching to accept his body does not belong in an official NBA uniform any longer, he wasn’t just out for the season.

He was, and is, done.

The Lakers asked Nash not to announce anything, according to team sources. They hoped they could trade Nash’s $9.7 million salary, not only an expiring contract but also a giant coupon for another club to take and immediately save real dollars via insurance, to get a building block for the Lakers’ future.

The Lakers were unable to trade Nash, so he has been trying to give them some value by helping a few of their young players (despite what Byron Scott said about that back in November). Now 41, he at least has some wisdom to offer as his playing days are over. And despite his best efforts to return to the court, his body would not cooperate, which has led him to the next stages of his life.

H/T Pro Basketball Talk

Steve Nash jokingly threatens Twitter follower in hilarious fashion

Steve Nash shaved

Steve Nash may be out for the 2014-2015 season, but he ain’t dead. One of his Twitter followers learned that first-hand on Tuesday.

For whatever reason, some guy decided to get on Nash’s case and call him “washed up” and a bunch of other bad words. Rather than ignoring the troll like professional athletes almost always do, Nash fired off a hilarious response.


You can see the uncensored version of the tweet here.

If you don’t get the Temecula reference, you need to read the story about two basketball fans who nearly came to real-life blows over a Kobe Bryant Twitter argument. Nash was basically telling the guy — jokingly, of course — that he might come to his house and try to fight him.

Nash is definitely the toughest player north of 40 in the NBA.

Byron Scott waiting for call back from Steve Nash


Los Angeles Lakers guard Steve Nash was ruled out for the season last month after he suffered another back injury. With the team struggling, coach Byron Scott is hoping Nash can serve as a mentor for his 1-8 team. The problem is Nash won’t return Scott’s calls.

“I would like to (hear from Nash), but I don’t know,” Scott said, per Mark Medina of the LA Daily News. “I gave him a call, but I haven’t gotten a return call. So we’ll see.”

Scott added that he “definitely” would have returned any of his coaches’ calls immediately during his 14-year NBA career, but he insisted he is “not angry at all” with Nash.

“He’s probably going through a tough time to adjust as far as life without basketball at this particular point,” said Scott. “It didn’t upset me one bit. Hopefully I’ll reach out to him again and we can talk or I can get a return call.”

The Lakers have let Nash decide whether he would like to be around the team’s training facility, but there has obviously been no sign of him. The 40-year-old is still under contract for another $9.8 million.

If Scott wasn’t frustrated with Nash, he wouldn’t have told the media that the veteran guard hasn’t called him back. It’s obvious Scott is irritated.

H/T Eye on Basketball

Steve Nash rocking beautiful mustache for Lakers return

Steve Nash mustache

Steve Nash is returning to the lineup for the Los Angeles Lakers Tuesday, and he’s bringing some super facial hair with him.

Nash has missed the last 39 games because of a combination of injuries. He’s turning 40 in a few days, but he’s not too old to ball out. Or at least the Lakers hope so.

While he’s been out, he’s been growing the facial hair. He had a beard going as of Tuesday, but he shaved it to leave that sick looking mustache you see at the top.

Here’s how he looked earlier on Tuesday: