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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Aha! Jose Guillen Was Roid-Raging!

As long time readers of the site well know, Jose Guillen is only second to Barry Bonds when it comes to baseball players I dislike. Matter of fact, I’m not even sure that he is second, and if so, he’s not far behind. Especially given light of this news from Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams of the San Francisco Chronicle. The Game of Shadows authors are saying that Angel a-hole Jose Guillen, former Giant Matt Williams, and former Dodger stiff, Ismael Valdez, all bought steroids and/or HGH from a Florida anti-aging clinic. Check out what kind of slime balls we’re dealing with:

In February, [Jose Guillen] was quoted by ESPN The Magazine as saying he had been approached about using steroids earlier in his career but had declined.

“That is something I never considered in my life,” Guillen is quoted as saying. “You’re ruining your whole career. You’re ruining your reputation. This really is hurting baseball right now, the image of the game.”

Well, dick weed, you made your own bed, so now sleep in it. As for Matt Williams, here’s why I always warn people to get wary of anyone defending Barry Bonds:

Since retiring, Williams has publicly questioned the performance-enhancing value of steroids for baseball players. In April 2004, while the BALCO steroids scandal was beginning to unfold, Williams said he hoped Giants outfielder Barry Bonds would be exonerated in the case, and he downplayed the impact the drugs might have on a player’s power hitting.

“The other side of that coin is, you still have to hit the ball out of the ballpark. You still have to hit the ball properly,” Williams told reporters at the time.

“If you put some foreign substance in your body, you don’t all of a sudden learn how to hit homers,” he said. “The question is: Are they illegal? Yes. If you get caught doing it, should you be punished? Yes. What that is, I don’t know. I had a hard enough time playing third base.”

Like I said, as soon as you hear any player defending Bonds or performance-enhancers in general, the red flag should go up. That’s crazy stuff. And how about that idiot Guillen? Getting shipments to the stadium? What an effing moron! Well, this explains a lot, a whole hell of a lot. I was always skeptical of Guillen’s sudden rise to prominence and his hot head in the clubhouse. Roid rager.

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